Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Change of Heart....

I have been knitting away on Waving Lace and have decided that I really like the pattern but I don't like Lorna's Laces with it. I don't know. I want to like Lorna's Laces. The colors are lovely. I loved the Shepard's Worsted and the way my poncho came out but I can't get into the sock yarn. I's..darest I say it...??? It's nice, it's pretty, but it screams for a 00 needle and I can't do it. First off, that would mean no magic looping. Secondly, how much of a difference could there be betwix the 00 and the 0? I made the Waving Lace (well, started...) on 2.25mm, size 1's and it's too loose. I have to use fatter yarn or smaller needles, in which case, they won't fit. I'm frogging them back and holding onto the beautiful Douglas Fir yarn for another project that I can use 0s on.

In the meantime, it's off to Vegas on Sunday. A work trip, not a fun only trip. I may be able to take crop circle pictures again. I am flying out and back alone and I think that, if I'm not too tired, I should return with a lovely pair of socks. The pattern and yarn that I've chosen for this trip is Tidal Wave Socks and the STR Pebble Beach.
Isn't that a good choice? I will continue the wave pattern onto the instep and modify the pattern a bit here and there but I think that this will be an excellent choice for my size 1 needles. They will be for my sister in law, the surfer girl who will love the colors and the pattern. Too bad summer is coming and it's not wool sock season. This won't eat up alot of yarn, which is good because STR is kinda skimpy and there is always the chance of running out. In fact, this will be mindless plane knitting, me thinks.

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