Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Socks on The Strip!

"Home! And this is my blog - and you are all here! And I'm not going to leave here ever again, because I love you all! And --- Oh, Auntie Em ----- there's no place like home!"

I have returned, all in one piece, from a few days in Las Vegas where I attended NAB. Not to be a sexist, but this is really an event that is attended by mostly men. I, along with 39 of my male coworkers went to Vegas where everything happened and I left it stayed there I behaved myself. I stayed at the Paris hotel with a subset of my larger group. I hope you are in the mood to look at the pictures I took.

Paris Hotel from across the street. See the water in the foreground? That's the fountain pool at the Bellagio.

Standard Room, larger than it looks here. Nice wall unit, a safe to keep your stash (of chips and cash, not yarn) a desk and a few chairs.

I truly had a crappy view of the back of the hotel.....see the Rockies?

I went to a small party at the Bellagio. Doesn't the lobby remind you alot of John Lennon Art? They're plastic or gel-like flowers, very Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, no?

Lobby of the Paris Hotel. It really looks like you're outside when you're there, the picture doesn't do it justice. It is that dark though, some people didn't like that. You're in Paris at dusk.

Where's the knitting? OK, time for that...

Tidal Wave Sock #2, outside Paris Hotel. Note: I looked all around to make sure no one I knew was in the vicinity. Just as I clicked away, one of the bosses walked out. I wonder if he thinks I'm nuts...or, maybe he didn't see me?

That's the sock, enjoying The Strip, Caesar's in the background.

Fellow Broadcasters, probably at a vendor hosted party, Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris Hotel.

Gee, no women. It's like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when there's no children....

The Mirage hotel, Caesar's in the foreground. It looks cool, too, the way it reflects the light.

The Strip taken from overpass on my way to Caesar's. Notice the palm trees...this is a DESERT, people!
This is the strip, looking the other way. See how big the Eiffel Tower is?
That gold building at the top is Mandalay Bay, they have a wave pool. There is construction all over the place. In my next life, I will be a contractor or architect, living in Vegas. That huge mass of work is going to be the "City Center". To the left, those poles, are the entry point to the monorail. Nice and clean but small, won't support the growth here. It is a neat way to hop from one end to the other and they sell unlimited ride tickets.

Below: More of the natural vegetation.....they actually have an irrigation system and water everything. BUT: no water in the restaurants unless you ask.

Then, sock at Caesar's.

Lobby of Caesar's.
Bet you were wondering how come I am showing you a puny little start of a sock. I mean, what did I do on the plane ride there? I did this:

Tidal Wave Sock #1.

It pooled a bit. I guess water, waves, sand, they're allowed to pool. Nice pattern though, fabric is nice and tight for warm socks, a bit of stretch for comfort and fun and easy to knit.

You know that I never post pictures of myself...well, we'll make an exception. I couldn't tear any of the guys away to admire my sock....notice the bloodshot eyes. Gotta little pinkeye over there.

On the way home, I knit the rest of the ribbing and the entire leg of the sock.....they'll be finito in no time now.

I had fun, but I was a little homesick..there's no place like home!

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