Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack!

I was away for a little over a week and I really missed my blog. I missed the puppy, too....I think. Let's catch up!

I have started a pair of socks in Tofutsies, Lime colored. Sailor's Rib Pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks. Size 1 Knitpicks Options, Magic Looping, two at once. I haven't really been working on them all that much so I only have a few inches. They're nice. I'm just still mad at the Jaywalkers because I messed up the toes so we'll do these.Vacation was lovely. Once again, I didn't pick the best week weather wise. We went up last Friday night, drove to Albany and arrived around 12AM. The kids woke up and we put them into their beds. I liked this picture of DD. It looked like she had horns growing out of the top of her head. It also reminded me of the Grinch. She was most impressed that the hotel had a phone in it, right next to her bed! We were in Lake George the bulk of the time. It was overcast most of the time. Here's some nice shots for eye candy:went up to Whiteface Mountain Memorial Drive but not all the way up to the summit, too cloudy.

Instead, we hit the North Pole.

and also, down to Saratoga where we hooked up with Elizzabetty. You can see her socks lounging on the monitor and mine checking out the stretch from our lovely box seat. (A rare commodity in Saratoga).While at the track, I ran into my neighbor, she was standing right next to me! I didn't even know they were away! The sock had a very good time and didn't lose any money.

I've also started yet another Wallaby. This one is for my nephew who lives in Florida so it's with Cotton-Ease. I just started yesterday and I'm well on my way! This time, I've smartened up. He is going into first grade so I figure with the way that this pattern runs, I'll make him the size 12. The 6 barely fit my 3 year old and he's in a size 10 pants, according to my sister. So, we'll see if the 12 works for him. Pictures coming soon! Between this and the Tofutsies, I'm going through wool withdrawal and may break my rule of not too many projects at once.
My son isn't in very many pictures. It was hard to get him off the rides. They must've ridden that Santa's Sleigh coaster 20 times...
As for the puppy, we boarded her. I don't know how much she liked it. She seems to be a bit better behaved. The boarding place is run by a woman who raises Chows and she recommended that we take little Zoey to obedience school. She's over a year now and acts like a four month old. Another expense, hopefully, we'll do it soon and it'll be successful. She is calming down alot but needs to listen a bit better.

And, this was the summer of losing 30 lbs, right? Well, I didn't do it. I gained 6. Not too bad, considering that I drank daquiris, ate tons of Chinese Food and moutains of sushi. So, as of today, back on Nutrisystem. Actually, as of yesterday, I started. Then I cheated, so I'm starting today. It's a MONDAY and everyone knows that that is the day that you're supposed to start dieting. This way, when the weekend rolls around, you'll be off it again and it will be time to cheat. I think one of my problems is salad. I really don't love eating lettuce. It's a pain to chew (remember, I have TMJ and lettuce and bagels are no-nos) it gets stuck in my braces, and has to be purchased and used right away. Sometimes, it freezes in the fridge, really annoying. So, I need to get used to that. I like tomatoes and croutons (another braces breaker..) and cucumbers though! My little 10 lb bear needs a friend so now I have to lose 16 lbs to get another one. Let's go go go!
For now, I leave you with a shot of DD. While waiting for Dad and her brother to finish using the rest room, she put on a show for the visitors to Lake George, complete with song and dance, a la Gene Kelly.... She is such a ham. It's going to be fun to watch her grow up and see how she turns out. She's so sweet, calm and caring. She loves to play, run and jump, stop to smell the flowers, is thoughtful, considerate and loving. Imagine, all that rolled into a teenager someday. I guess I have about 11 or 12 more years before she goes loony on me..!

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