Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, August 31, 2007

New Picture Friday

So, we've established the fact that vacation is over. This is the very last summer Friday of 2007. I am home through September 10th now, with two days of telecommuting in there, next Thursday and next Friday. There is no excuse to not finish the new wallaby and the new socks. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that I started a new Wallaby? Breaking all the rules here. I have to re-do the toes of the Jaywalkers, add the fringe to the poncho and still I have two new WIP: Tofutsies socks - Sailor's Rib and another Wallaby in size 12 for my nephew. This is also out of CottonEase, color is Lake. I wish that they'd come out with more colors already! Maybe later I will do the pouch on this. I am feeling tired today.

In other news, the washing machine broke down and the new one doesn't come until next Thursday. I got one of those top of the line front loader ones that does everything. Amazing that we used to get by with less than this. Everything gets cheaper (tvs, tape decks, computers, etc.) except appliances. They get fancier all the time. I think this one makes grilled cheese.

In other news, I am still reading Harry Potter! I am having a hard time staying away at night. I am also procrastinating about taking apart my entire house and getting rid of junk that we don't need. I also have to pay the bills, do laundry, vacuum the pool, go food shopping and knit. There is just no time for anything else. Maybe I'll win lotto and will have a maid, a nanny and a pool boy to take care of the pool.

Oh well, kids, who are still in their PJs and it's 11:00 AM, are watching Spiderman, the first movie. I matters well add some rows to my socks.....

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Elizzabetty said...

Gee, your knitting habits are getting more like mine everyday. :-)