Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, August 17, 2007

No New Pictures Friday

I can't believe I worked the whooooooollllllllleeeeeeeee day. I was planning on knocking off today at around 3. So, last night, I worked until 8PM. This morning, I arrived at the pit at 8:50 with 'just a few things' to clear off my to do list. I left at, oh...uh, 5:15PM. It's now storming outside and traffic is delayed so we're going to head off on vacation in about an hour.

The camera is packed. I am mad at my Jaywalkers and they are not going away with us. I will bring Tofutsies with me instead. It is quite possible that I will knock off a pair of socks, so, I am bringing some Cherry Tree Hill Old Rose with me, too. Just in case.

I have no pictures to show you so I'll show you where I'm going only it's where I've already been.
Lake George Village, view from Prospect Mountain., looking south. You can see 100 miles. The moutains that are touching the sky at the top are in Vermont.

DD giving a free concert on top of Prospect Mountain. She had a whole crowd gathered around her and she sang and danced!

Depe Dene Resort, Lake George. This is a picture of a REAL slide. With a REAL pitch to it and you can go 100 mph down it. It's great! Look how big it is. They have a real seesaw, too! Stay tuned for pictures!

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