Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Well, we're well on our way with the poncho project! I am using Lorna's Laces, Shepard Worsted, Iris Garden and it's beautiful. Not trusting their dying skills, I'm working from two of the three balls that I have. I started out using exclusively one of the balls, then switched to working a few rows of each color and now I got the hang of it, work one row of each and keep changing balls one stitch to the right. If you look closely with my 12 megapixel photo on close-up setting (tee hee!) ...
You can kinda make out a trail of where I changed colors (starting to the left of the seam and then working diagonally down to the right...) and how some of the stitches aren't pulled to the exact same tension as the others. Do you see it? This is going to be flouncy and this is also the back so I'm doubtful as to whether or not anyone would really notice. I'm also kinda thinking that the colors are the a true match....I think. The purples seem to be off so it's probably best that I'm using two balls.
Here's how much I have done so far and this is a bad picture. (I am still learning all the camera tricks...)
So, I have only a little more work on the body, like tonight I should be done! Then, pick up sts and knit a hood with the remnants of the two balls and ball three. That's cool.

DS wants a Harry Potter sweater and I am thinking about making the Quidditch Sweater from Charmed Knits. I am also thinking about making him a "Harry Potter Wallaby", cranberry with butternut stripe. We'll see, I'll let him pick the pattern. I ordered the yarn online today from Webs. I'm going with Plymouth Encore for him. I haven't worked with Plymouth Encore before but the blogworld seems to love it and they love it more than Wool Ease which I like very much but it does pill a bit when washed. Relatively inexpensive, machine washable and wears like iron. A must for kids clothes.

In other news, we went to the make-up LI Ducks game last night. It was fun, just too late for the kids. They were losing when we left at the end of the 7th inning (after 10PM) and the score stayed the same.
Here's a shot of Quackerjack giving DS an autograph. Quackerjack is the team mascot. He's a duck... He runs around and does thing and shakes his tail. It's cute.

This past weekend, we did alot. Elizzabetty came over and brought her dulcimer. DS wanted to play it. If I could figure out how to upload a movie clip, I could share it! Not sure if that's supported yet here in blogland. For now, a still... playing dulcimer with daddy.

Additionally, I was oh so very happy to find shoes that fit my 8WW feet. They actually measure 7 and three quarters quintuple E. Isn't that cute? They're almost as wide as they are long and I have to use like a million stitches to knit a pair of socks for myself. But anyway, I found dress black shoes, slingback brown ones and sandals. I bought them all up. You've heard about the Summer of Love, well, this is Summer of Spend. A car, a pool, a camera, a truckload of yarn....segue into...
The pool!
It was cloudy...


I have "no idea" how that happened but I think it's because husband didn't clean the cartridge properly. He 'rinsed' instead of 'scrubbed'. I scrubbed so I have to go and see if it is clearing up. I haven't even been in the backyard since Sunday night but I'll check in the morning. I been working at work alot. And knitting the poncho.


while I was up on the deck, I put the nice new camera on Sunset setting to take a picture of the sky to show you.
Soon, vacation!

I can't wait to show you mountains and lakes and socks!

Time to knit!

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