Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Beach Party

More Beach Fun! Yesterday, we had our annual Beach Party. The Day Care Crew trekked out to Robert Moses State Park Field 5 in the 90 degree sometimes hazy day to take the kids to the beach. It was very crowded.

The waves were great!! They were giant in the morning. Being a lunatic, I took little DD out there in the 6 foot waves. I had the lifeguard standing up but I guess he saw that we were handling it well enough and I wasn't doing anything dumb. Plus, she's actually a pretty decent swimmer. I mean, I didn't let her go or anything but these giant waves did break over our heads and she loved it. Sometimes, I like the big giant waves and other times, I like when the ocean is 'pool like'. I am sore today from taking the kids in the water like five times.
Then, we had some excitement. What to our wondering eyes should appear but a ...

Air Force Helicopter! I guess a 90 degree day at a state park is a good way to get a little PR. These guys had to jump into the ocean and swim to shore in full uniform with gear. Of course, the lifeguard, who was just as amused as the crowd...
was also taking pictures. Then, the lifeguard cleared the swimmers out of the immediate vicinity and these nice Air Force guys came out of the water, flippers and all! The crowd cheered! And, we all took pictures.

Then, they swam back out there and they went up to the helicopter and flew away. You can see, due to my 12 megapixels, that there is alot of spray and there is a ladder. Isn't that so cool???

As for knitting, I did bring a sock to work on and I wanted to show you the poncho; however, the new camera EATS batteries and is out of juice. I couldn't take any more pictures yesterday and I'm just now charging the batteries so stay tuned for an update on that!

I have to show you my poncho plus my new book.

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