Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, October 1, 2007

LI Fair and the Border Patrol

Well, first a quick update on the baby blanket. Sorry about the bad pictures, it's still dark out and I didn't tweak them because it's late and we have alot for show n tell today! It started out like the picture on the left and finished like the picture on the right. In fact, I was about 6" from the edge and I saw that I had put two dcs where one should have been. I knew that the Border Patrol wouldn't like that so I had to take out an entire round. I think I'm actually going to make the border bigger. Other than that and a few dangling strings, it's done. Yippee!! Onward...

Speaking of crochetting and crafts in general, I went to the LI Fair at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. I am going to try and enter something next year so that I can whine and moan when something less nice than mine wins the blue ribbon. First off, lemmie show you this:

Is that cute or what? It's a cake!!

Here are some lovely quilts. I thought alot of them were very nice but that may be because this is something that I can't do. Here's a first prize knitted thing. Not a good picture but it was fuzzy and they didn't have that kinda yarn at the turn of the century. It's kinda odd that it won. They changed the rules a bit but still....

This was also a blue ribbon winner. I loved the colors and the pattern! Nice job!

Here are some of the crochetted afghans. I wasn't overly impressed. I really thought that only a handful were truly exceptional, I didn't agree with the judges. Some were very nice but they weren't unique. The blue flowered thing is actually a flag but you can't see that from the way that it was hung. (Hard to display them all, of course.) There were alot just basic granny, no nicer than my baby blanket. I did enter this one year and lost to something truly mediocre. The colors were ok but the workmanship was shoddy, the edges were all uneven! Oh well...I'll try next year, perhaps.

They had old time furniture and even sewing machines! And Stoves!!

Too cute!

Punch and Judy were there, too. The puppeteer was excellent!! Punch's baby has the face of the person in the painting, "The Scream". Gotta love it. He put on a half hour show and the kids didn't budge! Neither did I. It was my favorite part of the entire fair.

Well, time for work!

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