Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eleanors for Eleanor

I just finished a pair of socks for my oldest and dearest friend, Eleanor. Ok, ok, she's not my oldest friend in years but she's been my friend forever. I can't remember not knowing her. This is the person who proudly sports a scar on her chin from when we were both small enough to fit inside a hoola-hoop, riding it like a horse, playing spaceship atop my toybox. I jumped and her chin hit the wood floor and she gushed. I guess I owe her for that. So, she gets SOCKS!

Pattern: Eleanor - By Monkey Toes published in Socktopia. This is a free pattern. Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill - Blueberry Hill Needle: Knitpicks size 1 - 2.25mm Started: 02/08/08, Finished: 02/21/08

I just finished them tonight. They may be a smidgen tight but we'll see. I haven't blocked yet. I'll do that over the weekend. They dry so nice and quickly on the blockers. Then, they'll be all set for their photoshoot over the weekend.

In other news, back to dieting. My daughter, who is 4, told me that she doesn't know anyone fatte than me. The little NS bear sits very lonely atop my dresser. I was trying to eat real food but it just doesn't work. I bought some of those 100 calorie packets. Fudge Striped Keeblers, made by little elves in a hollow tree. Only 100 calories. I think you get 6 cookies. Take a look at how BIG they are! Who would that satisfy? How did they get the stripes that small???

Well, that's it for tonight. Have to hang on Ravelry, post my new FO and then cast on for the next project: STR Mudslide RPMs.....

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