Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, February 23, 2008

RPM has been Frogged.

I love STR. I love nearly solid and variegated. I love the colors in many, many of their colorways. I just am not into this variegated mess that I'm creating.

As my knitting skills increase, I am looking for patterns that are more intricate. I think that they seem to work better with solid yarns. Monkey might look better with Mudslide. I am thoroughly liking Claudia's Chocolate Monkeys. I am not fond of my Mudslide RPMs. So much so that I had to frog the entire sock!!

Check this out, Side A of RPM, "The Dark Side".

and the flip side:
A sad day, indeed. I am going to use a basic 4 stitch pattern courtesy of Charlene Schurch with this yarn. Maybe baby cable rib will work better. :(

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