Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, February 1, 2008

More Family...More Weasley...More Monkey

As I was saying Friday, before we were so rudely interrupted with work making that a rather short post, I have had a bad week. My poor son had his asthma flare up quite severely. This required us to nebulize and use steroidal meds which often adversely affect his behavior. Additionally, he was exhausted from being awake and being unable to breathe.

Monday morning, I decided that I wasn't up to snuff so I called in sick and stayed home with him. No telecommuting. Just he and I.

"Mom, are we...absent today?"

"Yes, baby. We're both too sick to go out. Mommy wasn't feeling that well and besides, I have to take care of you".

"Ok, just making sure that I'm absent so that I know where I am. A kid in my class was absent for five whole days, did you know that? and like...he was in Florida seeing Mickey Mouse. Do you think we could do that?"

Amazing what some parents are thinking, isn't it? Why is that acceptable? What kind of message does that send to them? "Schools not important and mommy and daddy want to save some money so we'll take a vacation when everyone else is in school". I guess they don't know about the truant officer.

The next day, Tuesday, we were all back at school and work. I was well rested and ready to tackle the rockpile. Pick-ax in hand, I set out for the day. I dropped off DS and then went to DD's classroom. We did a special project for career day and I got to be the guest speaker, telling them all about how to make license plates. Ok, ok, all the things they need to know about how things go from being a movie to going up to the satellites and down to your tv set. It was technology and broadcasting for four year olds. It was great. I have decided that there is a reason why I am not a teacher. 90 percent of them listened but a few strayed in the back, off the carpet and were talking. "Excuse me, boys and girls, if you're talking you're not listening. If you're not listening, you won't get a surprise present at the end". One little boy raised his hand and said that he knew how to talk and listen at the same time..... Very smart, these pre-schoolers.

After that, I went back to the house. The little doggie had escaped from the crate. She knows how to unhinge the sides now. I don't trust her. She may be better behaved but I still think that she doesn't care about the wood floor as much as I do and may do peeps on it. Nothing worse than puppy peeps on the wood floor. Turns it black. I went into the house, rehinged and tightened up the crate. I put her in there. I decided that it was such a nice day, no need for the big heavy coat. I emptied the coat pockets and put everything on the table. I put on a sweatshirt jacket thing. I saw a nice apple there and put the apple in my pocket. Dog in crate, check. Older dog relaxing, check. They have water, check. Coffee cup in hand, check. Keys in pocket, check. Go outside, slam the front door and just as it was closing...CRAP! THAT'S AN APPLE, YOU IDIOT, NOT THE KEYS! Keys were where the apple should be and the apple was where the keys should be. Both happy while I cursed.

Neighbor not home, spare key locked in her house. Blackberry in car. Car not locked. Cruise web for number of locksmith. Call. He comes. It's raining. I eat the apple. It's stuck in braces. He can't unlock the door but has his handy-dandy drill. He drills out the tumbler. I go in the house, dog loose yet again. Keys are fine. I pick them up and head off to work. I get there by 10 am. Not TOO bad, considering.

Let me show you my Weasley. It's all together now. I used three-needle bind off for the shoulders. I am almost regretting not knitting the sleeves in the round so I may do that when I make one for DD. It's lovely and I love Cascade 220 ... ok, even more than the Superwash.

How's that D, hah?

I have picked up Monkey as well and I may try and finish this tonight while 'watching' the Superbowl. We'll see. Ready for the heel flap!

Time to go and get ready for the adventuresome day!

Next post, our "100th Day" project!

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