Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sadness & Happiness

I have completed one "Eleanor" sock and I have sock #2 about 30% done. I plan on working on it exclusively as a tribute to Gina Silva, a/k/a Gigi. Gigi was the founder of 'Socktopia' and designer (Monkey Toes patterns) and has just recently passed away. Eleanor is one of her designs and it is lovely. I plan to make another one of her's shortly. She will be sorely missed in the knitting world. Ravelry members can read up on Gigi in this week's newsletter if you haven't already.

In happier news, I promised to show our 100 day project. For those of you not in-the-know, the 100th day is a school party celebrating the 100th day of class. You know that I am the proud mom of a kindergartener and he had to make a project for this special day. They have been counting to 100 and the party was two days ago. Their project had to include 100 of 'something' so we did erasers hat I found in the dollar store to make an ocean and sky scene. Strangely, someone else made the beach and the water, gluing on 100 little fish. I thought that I had a 'unique' idea....hmmn.. Well, better erasers than sticky fish.

In sadder news, my fish have been dying. Stupid me turned off the filter to feed them some frozen brine shrimp food a few days ago....I think it was only a few...and ... I forgot to turn the filter back on. (think: Finding Nemo, "We're swimming in our own....") Yep, it must've gotten yucky in there, killing some of my prize gouramis. Sigh. I will be more careful. At least I think that's what happened.
In happier news, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn. The colors look beautiful and I really want that green handpaint for something leafy. Or green monkeys. Or Jaywalkers. Or anything! Can't wait. My favorite kind of yarn, doesn't look like it will stripe. Yum!
Nothing new on the Weasley Sweater. It's down to the end and I'm draggin' it out because of sock knitting. Going to make something out of STR Mudslide next; it's in the planning stages so stay tuned for that.
More to come!

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