Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Almost FO!

The Dragon Scarf is done. Well, except for the eyes and the stuff coming out of his nose. I learned two things from this project:

1. I don't like Morehouse Merino yarn. It just isn't spun, it's like knitting with..roving. Or, worse, dust. Maybe it's me, I knit continental. In order to 'pick' and get the yarn in the right spot and at the right tension, one tugs a bit with the left index finger. Well, there is a three needle bind off to make the spikes. It's really hard not to do that loosely. So, even though I used one and a half hanks of yarn, I had to sew in like 20 ends. That sucked. I like yarn with a tighter twist. In this case, SOME twist would've been good. It is nice and soft and so authentic that it comes with straw in it.

2. This was a really cute pattern but had no row gauge. I added a few repeats here and there to make a longer scarf and regretably, could've added a few more. It's nice albeit shorter than I'd like. There was plenty of yarn included with the kit to do this.
3. I noticed that I become a little discouraged if every row requires that I have to read the instructions. This silly little scarf took me nearly two months and should've taken like 10 days. There aren't all that many stitches!

4. My Baby Fern socks miss me.

Here it is before blocking. I kinda made it a bit longer after it was wet!

Yes, I know, I shouldn't let him sit on the kitchen table but DS is very excited about this scarf. DD wants "Sheepish Sampler" but I don't have any suitable colors in my arsenal for that. I just noticed this... Interesting..maybe I'm not the only one who is complaining that there is no twist. I should try that.....hmmnn...
As for my aching back, I broke down and went to the chiropractor. My neck is a disaster area and actually has no cervical curve. In fact, it almost curves a bit backwards. It's really ugly on the x-ray....can't really fix that but that's ok. My lower back is hurting so much that my neck almost doesn't hurt. A plus to back pain! I mean, this was really bad, couldn't get out of the chair, turn in bed, get into my pants, tie my shoe, get in and out of the car. Yes, I was ready for the witch doctor but he didn't make house calls. I found a chiropractor who got great reviews and happens to be located very close to my home, on a road I must pass to get to my house and conveniently located by the Italian Pork Store (ahh!!!). So, I walked in. I went back for my second visit, skeptical. He showed me my x-ray and lumbar vertebrae number 4 was the only bad one. It was tipped to the right at nearly 45 degrees. I let him adjust me, still skeptical.
Well, today, there is some soreness but it's very tolerable. Just like a black and blue.
And, you know what else? I can bounce around like Tigger.
How the heck did he do that? I have been in pain for SEVEN MONTHS.
Well, my dear friend, Elizzabetty, is on her way over to show me how to sew. Next, we're both going to learn how to spin...hmmn.. Another costly endeavour.

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