Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I've been away a few days, pretty much unable to post. For those of you who don't know, I telecommute from time to time. I use my own Internet connection and it's like being at my desk. Do you remember the movie 9 to 5? "Oh, I think I just saw her at the water cooler!"..just like that. I was unable to connect so I called Verizon. They did, or at least said they did, diagnostics on my router and assured me that the problem wasn't the router. I begged to differ so they sent out the Verizon man for a house call. He fixed the problem in 36 seconds. It was the router. Now I have the new and improved baby sized router. It's cute.

One day at work, we were discussing how ugly routers are and how they are an eyesore in the house. It may be nice to start knitting Router Cozies. Laugh? Our mothers and grandmothers crocheted poodles to cover toilet paper. Today, they even have a pattern for a 'Sushi Roll'. You can buy the poodle pattern on eBay!

OK, so I have been playing with my camera, dealing with bad lower back pain, and working on knitting at a slow pace. I picked up the Dragon Scarf because I want to have a finished object. Here he is, headless still, about 50% done, all nestled comfortably. The pattern is very nice but there is no row gauge so I have no idea how long this will be. I am up 'somewhere in the middle' and methinks I will add one extra spike. That will make me nuts about having enough yarn to complete this. Worse case, he'll have a different color nose or something. Besides, others have said that this comes out kinda 'short'. My son is thrilled and can't wait for it to snow. I told him he has a long time to wait on wearing this.
I know you're just dying to see how good my photography skills are coming along. Being we didn't have an eye candy Friday because we were unable to post on Friday, we'll do an eye candy Saturday. I was playing with ultra fast shutter speed yesterday.

Zoey in action!


Bubbles! (note: take a good look at his arm and chin, you can see the limitations of a digital camera. I enlarged this a bit but you can see how the edges aren't smooth. It has 'jaggies')
And, the shot du jour...Underwater Boy

I'd show you more of my doggie but she didn't want to participate. I mean, she had just had a pedicure...
Sorry about the bluishness. I grabbed the camera and snapped, didn't want to miss the pose.

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