Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're In Kansas?

No knitting update today. I have been doing work, like at my job, you know how it is. Plus, been tired but that's par for the course.

I just can't believe that we've been having such major thunderstorms around here. Last night, everything was fine, we were eating dinner, talking about the bad weather that we were supposed to get. DH said something about hail. Now, I can't really remember getting hail here on Long Island. I remember that we would get it from time to time, little tiny bird shot hail, when I was a child. That was a long time ago when the earth was a cooler place, it snowed in the wintertime and dinosaurs walked the Earth. I poo-pooed the hail idea and was dark. I mean, not just darker, it turned to .. well, night. I looked out the window and saw this, a giant man sized BLACK cloud just rolling in. No rain though...

And it blocked out all available light. It was only about 6:30 PM, nearing the longest day of the year where it stays light until about 9PM, and it was NIGHT. PITCH BLACK LIKE THIS.

Then, it poured. No hail though, but a giant deluge of rain. This storm was booking at 36 mph and soon past by us, leaving this trail of less frightening clouds, followed by clearing.

Oh boy, was that great. Not many storms like that here at all. And, idiot me was outside, standing in the street, snapping pictures of the clouds. Don't really want the hail, it might dent my car or break my camera lens. I told you that I have to move to a house that has no lines in the way of the sky.

More knitting coming soon! I promise. I have just been busy playing with my new toys.

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