Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And the Sheep Goes On...

"yeah, and the sheep goes on....needles keep pounding rhythm thru my brain..."

Note to those who don't know this one: Hear the real song here..

I am cookin' with gas on the Sheepish Sampler Scarf (betcha can't say that fast 10 times!) DD is utterly thrilled and keeps taking it away to cuddle it. The Debbie Bliss Rialto is very smooth and very nice and gives perfect stitch definition. All that in a soft, washable wool. It's smoother than Cascade 200. In fact, I would recommend this for nice baby garments or small blankets if you can spring for it. Luckily, I only needed four balls of this stuff. On sale though, a 3x4 foot baby blanket might only be $50, what you'd spend on a gift anyway and you'd get the pleasure of having this stuff slip through your fingers for awhile.

This weekend, I will be attending my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary dinner. Sadly, my parents are both gone. A few months back, I found some of the letters that my father had written to my mother during their 'courtship' when he was in the navy. He referred to taking a short leave to coincide with his brother's wedding. Imagine, I now have 50 year old letters. I like things from the past. I also have a few silver dollars from the 1880s but they're not in the best of condition, worn a bit smooth from my mother keeping them in her makeup bag. I'm going to ziploc them and stick them in my safe deposit box that I got two years ago and keep empty...still trying to find the time to get to the bank to visit it! I can't believe they're married that long. Wow. People really got married young back then! Should be a fun time. I can't knit there, that'd be rude. Can't even bring it for show and tell, that'd be rude, too. Maybe take it for the car ride though, show Sheepy the world from a car window.

In a few minutes, I will going to the ENT so that he could test my hearing. At my most recent doctor's visit, you know, the one that I went to because of my aching back? Well, she tested my hearing. (Malpractice is a biggie these days, don't want to miss anything, you know.) I didn't hear the 'low tones'. At all. None. Deaf as a post. None in either ear. So, I came home and made sure that I could hear all 88 keys on the piano, which I can; therefore, I guess I am not missing all that much. Can't miss what you don't hear, right? Huh? What was that? We'll see what he says. I don't even know what's that low. Too bad it's not jet engines. I hate when they fly over my house.

I did a little touching up of my hank of Butter Peeps; as you can see, the colors are gorgeous.

Dream in Color Smooshy - Butter Peeps

I am so happy that I got Adobe Photoshop (Elements). You can even see the dirt on the silpcovers with this camera! Isn't she lovely, cantaloupe and yellow and peachy all mixed up. Such an appropriate name.

Stay tuned, she's going to be wound up into a ball and turned into socks shortly.....

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