Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Knitting Update! Palindrome & Baby Fern Socks

Will wonders never cease? I actually got a chance to knit today AND to finish an object. I currently have three WIPs and that's too much. I like to have one or possibly two pairs of socks and another project going at the same time, tops. Lately, I've been slacking. I have been working on the Palindrome, mindless knitting, for quite some time. Today, I took it out, in the 100 degree weather, and finished it. Also, in the 100 degree weather, I put it on...ok, just for a brief moment.

These were taken with my new Canon Rebel XTi...
A beautiful approximately 60 inch Palindrome scarf, hand knitted out of Plymouth's Royal Silk Merino. I used a little more than 4 balls so this was a bit more expensive than I had originally anticipated. I would have liked it to be a teeny bit longer but I was afraid that it would grow a foot or so when I block it. Actually, it doesn't really need to be blocked. this yarn is luscious, a pleasure to work with. It is soft and cozy and the cables just pop. Just look at this nice detail... don't look too closely, I wouldn't want you to find a mistake.....
Palindrome Scarf, looka that detail! (The yarn, not the camera!)
Next up, we have Baby Fern Socks, posing for you on a nice bush to add interest. (Don't you just love how my photography skills have improved? Much better than using a piece of my couch or the wall or having bad lighting, hah? Like, you'd think that I was hanging out with Ansel Adams...) Ok, maybe not great, just better, right? Gotta keep things interesting around here.

Baby Fern Socks...12 st pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks.
Valley Yarns - Huntington

Most importantly, I am working on this with size 0's, 72sts casted on, two at once magic looping. I was the very first project to use this yarn on Ravelry. It's Valley Yarns Huntington (shh! I believe this to be Cascade Heritage but don't tell anyone.) I might've been able to get away with size 1's but in the long run, I know that I'll be happier with itty-bitty stitches. That's me - queen of the tiny gauge socks. More stitches, stronger fabric, last longer....and takes alot longer to knit. These could take awhile. I felt like I was knitting for hours and only got a teeny bit done. We'll see how it goes, I was tired and watching tv and it's a 12 st repeat so I have to somewhat pay attention. Alot of knit rows in there though. Now that it's my main project, I expect to have the leg done within a week.
And lastly, ominous clouds. We had a nice thunderstorm with some wind blow through here around dinner time. That usually happens during a heat wave. It did cool us down to a sultry 78 degrees though. June heat is so weird, it's HOT HOT HOT but not sweaty overly humid. Strange.

I'm going to have to move to a house that doesn't have telephone lines in the view from the front door. A few blocks away, the lines are run through the backyards instead of in the front. Oh well, that's another post: History of Suburban Long Island, NY, for those of you who don't live here.

That's about it for the Weekend Update. Time to knit the socks and plan out another project.

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