Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Asherton and Independence Day

After careful scrutiny, I have decided that I did not err in my knitting of the Asherton Scarf. It's either supposed to be that way or a mistake in the pattern. After the forty-something row pattern, I did the repeat and you know what? It matches the first one. So, it's right. It's staying. It's an official WIP. You be the judge - see anything out of wack at the bottom of that knit stitch diamond?
Asherton Reversible Scarf - by smariek
Mirasol Miski - 100% baby llama
Size 7 Knitpicks options
So, stop looking now, it's going to stay and no one will ever look that closely. Besides that, its correct...
I hope that everyone had a Happy Fourth of July.
~ Suburban Block Party 2008 ~

We attended our friend's annual Block Party. Unfortunately, the past two years we had some rain. I usually bring an apple pie but this year we got a late start and the bakery didn't have any large apple pies. So, I got a nice strawberry cheesecake. ALOT of calories and I had two nice sized pieces....good thing that I did 62 minutes and 3.589 miles on my treadmill. Now, we're even...sort of...

My children had a great time at the block party...especially my little girl.

They had a whip ride!
a bouncy obstacle course

a sheep, a goat, chickens and a bunny...

and TONS of fireworks.

Happy Birthday America! You don't look a day over 200!

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