Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday, America! Yet another rainy day here on the East Coast. Last year for Fourth of July, same problem. We always attend a nice block party on this day and it stinks when the weather is bad. So much planning goes into this and all the kids have a great time. It just isn't as fun when it is raining. Let's hope that it clears up a bit later, I haven't checked out the weather yet.

We took a short, quiet mid week camping trip back to Yogi Bear's park. I didn't get to take as many nice pictures as I did last time (remember, some scoundrel stole my camera and all 200 and something pictures were in it.) but I certainly got a few good ones.
Along with tent, sleeping bags, screen house, grill and food, I took my Baby Fern sock and a new project that is probably going to be frogged. I decided to knit a scarf out of that natural colored baby llama yarn that I have. I was working on the Asherton reversible scarf from Smariek. Two problems: the yarn doesn't show the stitch definition as nicely as I would like it to. It's somewhat fuzzy. Also, the yarn isn't as silky when its knit as when it is in hank form. It's still very nice though. Last reason, I made a mistake about 80 rows back that is annoying me........ Another thing that I would like would be to chart this pattern out. I've been chart happy lately and it's nice to have the chart if you err. You can drop a stitch down 10 or so rows, fix the purl by making it a knit, and then carry it all the way back up. This pattern isn't hard, looks much harder than it is, actually; however, it'd be complicated to do that. Plus, like I said, it's about 80 rows back. I was knitting in the van on the way up and must've made a mistake...... :( I showed it to Yogi and Boo Boo and they were quite impressed.

Baby Fern went along for the ride but did not get worked on. I have tons of stuff to do in my house this weekend and I'm not sure that I'm going to get to knitting that much. Gotta finish those though. so many socks, so little time! Maybe I'll put baby llama away for awhile.

Back to the camping trip, it was really nice to go to the Yogi Bear Campground again when it wasn't so crowded. The first night of our Memorial Day weekend trip was great. It was empty, we had the entire place to ourselves. Of course, it was 39 degrees at night, but that was only the first night. Warmed right up after that! The kids had a great time, they love the campfire and they love to make S'mores. See nice video about the delicious treat here. I also read in Wikipedia that National S'mores Day is August 11, which is also my birthday. They're older than me though being that the first recipe for them is in the Girl Scout Handbook of 1927. Kiddies eating them here...

Kiddies stunned at the three story slide. I mean, this was a really cool playground. When I was a kid, hot metal slides where you landed in broken glass and sand. This is really high and is like sliding out of second story window.

These were taken the first afternoon, right before husband told me that he needed the adapter for the gas to get into the stove. I said, "Oh, the one that you said we didn't need, the one that's in the floor, in the living room at home". "Yes". So, field trip to the store which they told us, "3 or 4 miles down the road" and it was 11...bought the piece they told us to, didn't work (something about male female, two males, Ida know, not my department). So, back to the store in the morning, got the $10 charcoal hibachi and couldn't make eggies. Or toast. Or BBQ chicken. The 6" grilling space to feed a family of four. You get the picture. Good thing we weren't there for a prolonged period of time. I didn't give him a hard time, no sense in being a pain in the neck wife.

Good thing I brought some mutant fruit; at least we didn't starve to death. Here we have Conjoined Twin Cherries.

Later, DS found another mutant cherry.
But don't worry, there is no genetic engineering going on with America's Cherry Crop. These occur naturally in nature....I think.

Also, occuring naturally in nature, "Devil's Hand". Playing Beethoven in my campfire.

Gotta love these fast shutter speeds.

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