Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, July 8, 2008



Duh. What was I thinking???!!! Don't you see those two purl rows on the bottom of my lovely scarf? Well, they're not part of the pattern. I think it was supposed to be 2 rows of k1,p1 and two rows of p1,k1 and my brain didn't process it. How could I not notice that? Or did I and I just thought it was supposed to look like that??? Unfreakin'believable.

Frogged. Remember the Golden Rule of Knitting: Don't knit when tired. If you must, use a light color and a SIMPLE pattern.

I can't knit my Baby Fern socks at night because I have crappy lighting. So I am going to do something with my Smooshy Butter Peeps.....
Stay tuned for an update and a photo of an FO.

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