Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board...Again

I'm beginning to think that the Knitting Gremlins are back. I just can't catch a break! They got me on the Asherton scarf issue, they got me on the Ruby Slippers toe-up sock which Zoey ate and now they got me Smooshy!

Last night, I was watching TV and happily knitting along on the Spring Forward socks and I thought they were coming out smallish...too smallish. I thought they might be smallish when I was working on the ribbing but with a lace sock, things are a little different. I did one 24 row repeat and tried them on.

Pardon the bad picture, I'm tired. They look normal but they're too small. Way too small. When I tried them on, I could hardly get it over the ball of my foot and the lace pattern became very, very distorted. I can't take this up to a size two needle because you-know-who ate that one. The yarn is really nice and this pattern really works with it. I don't want to use a larger needle because the YO's make larger holes and I don't really like that. Cookie A. says that you can skip YO's and use M1's on the next row and all the holes will be the same. That makes for much neater lace.

What to do? Put them aside for now, take up Ruby Slippers yet again and knit a toe up sock? I think that I may run out of yarn now that the doggie ate some of it. Hmmnn....I love this yarn but I'd have to use a different pattern and I like the way it looks with this one. I'd have to do a sock with 72 or so stitches if I were to use this on this sized needle. Lace sock? Ribbed sock?

Of course, I could roll the dice, buy a vowel or take STR for 1000. I could be daring and use the Ruby Slippers yarn, this pattern size 1.5 needles, cast on 66 sts and go for it. Hope that I can finish these with the yarn that I have and save the Smooshy for another day.

BTW, take a look at that wave crashing picture below. It's one wave, right behind/on top of the other. I can really watch the waves forever and I love when the ocean is rough. It was relatively calm yesterday with a few bigs waves but they were far apart. Anyway, doesn't it remind you of my Tidal Wave Socks? Pebble Beach, by STR? The colors are awesome in both the yarn and the ocean.

Meanwhile, shall I send my Dragon Scarf off to slay the Gremlins?

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