Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, July 25, 2008

Eye Candy Friday

It's been raining here every day. When it's raining and even when it's stopped it's been muggy and somewhat hot. Today, refreshing cooler air has moved in ah...crisp cool air.
Tall Twin Pines, my backyard

In other news, last night, for the first time since the Jurassic period, I was able to attend knit night at the Village Knitter. The Village Knitter has relocated to a new space within walking distance of the old space and I love it. The other space was a bit too cozy and the new store has twice the amount of space, its clean and bright and painted a lovely color of orange. It's stunning. It brings life and brightness into the place. It's a great choice of color! I don't want to post too many pictures just yet though because they're still unpacking and tidying things up a bit. The yarn selection is expanding and I'm sure you'll be pleased. Stop in and see for yourself!
Here's a sneak peek...
Lamb's Pride, above, Lorna's Laces, below. OMG!

That powder blue / light aqua on top is grabbing me...I used my consolation prize from the Elizzabetty Knits contest (a nice gift certificate to this very store!) and got me some SOLID sock yarn. I got a nice blood red, Wildfoote and a nice natural green from Fortissima. I have yet to try the Wildfoote, which gets mixed reviews on Ravelry.

We also had a FO by Erica!

Pedicure Socks in Cascade Fixation, Erica in her Village Knitter wall color coordinate shirt.

As for me, Embossed Leaves is up to the heel flap. Waving Lace in a solid could be next. Stay tuned for updates and pictures! I need yet more solid color yarn.


It's Just Me said...

Wow, some website. The pictures from last night look great. I really like the beach pictures. What beach were you at.

Elizzabetty said...

I've got that same sky up here in Vermont, although there are a few more pine trees. Gorgeous yarn pics, and Erica just looks so damn cute!

Punkinhead said...

The beach pictures were taken at Robert Moses. I usually go to Tobay but I didn't spring for a sticker this year and at this point, it's not worth it being there's only a few weeks left to summer! :( Tobay is alot closer and isn't anywhere as crowded as Robert Moses. It also seems to have less waves but I don't know why that is?