Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Angels and Devils

Being I'm knitting and spinning so much, I can always use a nice stash enhancement, can't I? My stash has actually dwindled a bit. I haven't bought anything since Rhinebeck and I saved up for Rhinebeck and I will save up for Rhinebeck I don't really have ALL that much...., right?

Elizzabetty becomes very dangerous when driving by Webs and I become very dangerous when she's driving by Webs and has her cell phone and I'm in the middle of wanting some yarn. I get the call,

"Hi, It's me. I'm in Webs." Go ahead, dangle the carrot, she's supposed to be my friend.

Having caught me home in a rare moment when the kids were both occupied and I could actually think, I was able to chat with her. I tried to resist but the brain and the lips weren't working together. The little angel on one shoulder said, "You will be stunned when you get that credit card bill from Christmas". And the little devil on the other should said, "Don't listen to her! What does she know? You only live once". I shouldn't get anything. However, I moved my lips and out came....

"Oh good, I need yarn".

Now, there is only one thing that makes her more happy than buying yarn for herself. It isn't only the yarn she likes. It's the chase, the hunt, stalking, waiting in the woods like a hunter with her orange vest on... "I'm in the warehouse, I have some Kangaroo Dyer right in front of me". "I want Midnight". (I hear footsteps, slow at first and then a prance as she lept onto the bins). "I have it in my hand". (POUNCE.....The Capture!) I hope she didn't knock anyone over.

"You know what I really want? I want to try that Shibui stuff. It looks alot like my beloved Cherry Tree Hill and it comes in two small balls so I could wind two and make two socks at once".

That one took a longer time to stalk. Can you believe that she couldn't find it and had to ask the salesperson for help? Doesn't she know where every single item is in that place yet? Naturally, I chose green for that. (It's gorgeous.)

Then, the Berocco aisle. I want to try new sock yarn just to convince myself about how much I love Cherry Tree Hill, the Kangaroo Dyer, and even Socks that Rock and maybe even Shibui but let's not jump the gun...

I chose a red one for that. It looks like ... azaleas.

Then, being I can't buy any more yarn until I pass GO and collect $200 with this year's first paycheck, I tell her 'That's it'. The little devil on my shoulder said, "Ok, we'll be on later today anyway" and the little angel fell off with heart failure.

She bought a few small trinkets for herself and went to the register to pay only to be checked out by the Kangaroo Dyer herself. Wow. I wish I could be there and meet The Kangaroo Dyer. I love that yarn.

The next night, my yarn was en route to the Homeland, Long the back of her Subaru all nice and comfy. She arrived at 8PM or so and we had tea and petted the new yarn.

Left to right, Shibui, Berocco and Kangaroo Dyer's Midnight which may be in the bullpen for socks for Ricky after I finish up Chevvy. The leg is done and it's onto the heel which is almost all of the foot anyway. Maybe I can finish this tonight if I stay up late.I like them very much. I was thinking that they're somewhat shapeless and it'd be nice to add a tiny bit of shaping at the back of the leg, at the bottom of the calf would be good. Just a slight taper so reduce the bagginess that may happen at the ankle. If I make these again, I will either go down a needle size or use less stitches. This is just a wee bit big. I am very excited over these.

Mustang Sally is so beautiful. Speaking of know I got some of that, too. SHH!! It's a secret. I have to smuggle that into the house and hide it from hubby. Stay tuned and I'll show you a picture when it comes! Can't ever tell, sometimes it comes right away and sometimes it takes weeks.

As for won't be long now. I am working on getting her to buy a nice wheel so we can spin and drink tea. She won't be able to resist much longer. I will send her a devil and an angel.

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Elizzabetty said...

I'm not dangerous. Calling you from Webs is no different than, say, calling from the supermarket and asking if you need any bread or milk. Yes, yarn is just like bread and milk, especially sock yarn.

As for the whole wheel thing? No wheel for me until at least 2010. I'll just keep trying different wheels--and playing with my lovely spindles!