Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, January 12, 2009

Trekking through Trekking 126

It's been a few days since the infamous and carefully plotted ball winding experience with my Trekking 126 and I am journeying onward through this piece of cake stockinette stitch sock.

Monday, I was all set to walk out the door of the house when I noticed there was a flood in the downstairs bathroom. After yelling at DS for leaving the water running, I quickly realized that it wasn't coming from the faucet. I shut off the water, took the kids to school and e-mailed work with the news of the broken pipe. I then changed out of my work clothes and into my sweatshirt and sweatpants plumber clothes and mopped up the floor in the bathroom and the basement. It miraculously dripped right into my laundry basket of freshly washed...and folded clothes. It saturated them and proceeded to run out of the bottom of the basket wetting everything else in sight....and out of sight.

Without further ado, I went under the sink and discovered the blowout.

I had to go to the plumbing supply store, buy a new hose, found out they don't take credit cards and I had 73 cents in cash in my wallet, go to 7-11's ATM, go back to the store, buy the hose, replace it and then eat 'brunch' and sign onto my computer to work the remainder of the day. It was interesting. I had to set aside my clean princess act and do a home repair....

As for the sock, here's what it looks like as of the that day....

I will photograph it today as I have more than doubled that and I'm preparing to do Charlene's Forethought Heel, which is truly ingenious.

Stay tuned for another picture as well as some; hopefully, snow pictures as the Arctic air mass and moderate low pressure move into our area.

Baby, it's cold outside! Maybe the first time for single digits here in years!

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