Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trekking 126 - Update

I love to think of ice cream. These ice cream socks are simply delicious; however, I just put them down for a rest and haven't picked them up. Here's how they looked on January 15, 2008.

That's how they look today.
Two reasons why they're resting, how to do the forethought heel. I know HOW to do it, I'm just not sure of the colors I want to use. I am not 100% certain that I want to trash yards and yards of yarn to make the heels match. I have my spreadsheet and need to sit and figure how many color changes I have to backtrack to make them the proper way. With 13 different colors in the striping, it'd be lots and lots of yards set aside to make them match. Alternative would be to get some Trekking undyed and make the heel and the toe out of that. Perhaps, even saving some chocolate for the very center of the heel and the very center of the tip of the toe. Or, maybe the tree colors that are in the cuff to give it a nice balanced effect. In any event, they will sit until Elizzabetty goes to Webs and is in the Trekking aisle and brings me home some Trekking undyed. That could be awhile so I have plenty of time to think about it. I will photograph this as there aren't very many tutorials on the web for forethought heel and it's really not difficult at all. I like the heel flap better for looks and for wear but the forethought heel works great for stripes!
My son has been asking me to knit him another pair of socks. He absolutely adores the Seeded Ribbing socks that I made him and he wants Ridged Squares and he wants them to be green...dark green. I have no problem knitting with dark green yarn and lo and behold, I have a nice selection of it. This morning, I took some green Fortissima Sock yarn out of my basket and started them for him. I want to finish them in a few days so he could wear them next week. He could surely use them, we're having a very harsh winter thus far and I expect it to get worse before it gets better. Ridged Squares is a nice easy pattern and they should zip along. Each sock has 50 sts in the cuff and I'm doing them two at a time, magic looping. 100 sts in each round. Cake! Pictures will be posted soon.
I am not feeling all that great today and my head is exploding. Hmmn...I also want to get to my spinning, clear out a few bobbins so that I can be working on something at the next guild meeting. I think that I'm going to get some more bobbins or maybe even the plying head with a gift card that I got for Christmas.....
Stay tuned for an update!

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