Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chevvy Sock is Done!

I only had a little bit to go this morning but it was slow at the end. Torture, in fact. I kept being interupted with other things going on around me and couldn't get it together for awhile. As I said before, this looks easier than it is. There is alot of moving the sts back and forth and if you screw up (or drop a stitch 800 rows, like I did...twice...) it's hard to find your place. I got new glasses today and can actually see what I'm doing. Let's break out the size 0 needles, yeah!
Sally and I came to an agreement at the end and here she is in her radiant beauty.

A nice close up of all the pretty colors. I love this yarn. The colorway is simple gorgeous and may be one of my favorites for STR. (I like Rose Quartz alot, too).

I love this pattern and will make it again.

I love red socks.

I love green socks more but I do love red socks.

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