Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Moment of Need

I often wonder what would happen if, say, I fell down the stairs and was alone in the house. Or, say, if I choked. I asked a doctor once and he said that you could do the Heimlich on yourself over the back of chair. I filed that info in the back of my mind. It's been years since I've choked as I think that I've learned to eat with more human bites. I remember choking all the time as a kid.

My son doesn't like jelly. He eats plain peanut butter on white bread, which I've never tried. Well, today, being I had the munchies, I took a glob of peanut butter and slopped it onto some Arnold Brick Oven White. I don't know why I did this, I really don't like white bread at all. I bit into it and...maybe it was (and maybe it wasn't?) a human bite. Guess what happened? It got stuck. I wasn't choking but I needed the Roto Rooter man to clear out my esophagus. I thought about Hugh Laurie and "House" and things going down my throat and the close up of what my esophagus might've looked like. It was clearly stuck. Visions of a snake swallowing a whole baby pig flashed through my mind as I reached for the milk. Milk. Better than water? Should I have reached for Crisco? Olive Oil? I drank it and none of the cold stuff hit my tummy. It took a good minute.

It was truly, my moment of need.

The children were in another room arguing over Speed Racer on TV. They didn't help me.

Well, neither have my Ravelry friends. Yet. I'm sure they will.

I am up to the heel flap in my Ridged Squares sock and want to make the Eye of Partridge with German Chain Selvage and there is a mistake in row 4 of the pattern. I posted it in the SKS forum, it's been 43 minutes and no one has extended a hand ..yet.

Here's what I posted:

I’ve checked the errata on the website and there isn’t anything posted for this particular heel flap. I want to do the Eye of Partridge with German Chain Selvage from page 67 of MSKS. I have an even number of sts in my heel flap.

Row 4: K1, #K1, sl 1 wyib, rep from # to last 2 sts, sl 1 wyib, sl 1 wyif.

That doesn’t work out for an even number of stitches, now, does it.
What’s it supposed to be?

Then, I have to tell you about my Knitpicks order. I am starting to think they aren't paying attention to me. I recently broke a Harmony wooden needle, size 1, 2.25. It cracked lengthwise. I called them, they sent a metal one. I just ordered a bunch of stuff that I didn't need and attached a note to the order about the needle. Well, they messed up again.

In my moment of need. I'll try calling them in a few minutes, after a glass of milk.

I won't be eating peanut butter any time soon.

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