Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm Making Chevvy Socks!

I casted on yesterday for two knitalongs on Ravelry. I had to use red yarn and if it was somewhat solid, I could count it towards another group. For the longest time I had the lovely Mustang Sally sitting in my stash. Just couldn't think of the best pattern for her. She was just there, every once in awhile, I'd take her out to play with her and then carefully set her back down. I was saving her for the perfect pattern.

Not sure if she was the BEST choice but definitely an interesting choice. I just received the book, Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn from Amazon. I love this book. The lessons on color and handpainted yarn are enough reason to buy this. You'll learn alot about why you shouldn't use some multis in some patterns. (Remember my 'lost leaves'?)

Anyway, the cover photo is Chevvy. These socks are gorgeous but they don't follow basic sock construction. I'd label this a good intermediate or more likely, advanced project. This is not something for the beginner. The socks are knit on 2 circulars (or magic loop, if you prefer, as I do). You need to do short rows in the leg, use a stitch holder for the heel, rearrange the stitches from time to time and knit the toe first one side then the other. Cannot be knit two at a time because of the short rows so I have to count the rows manually. Very, very different and clever pattern. The book suggests handpainted yarn, not a nearly solid / muted multi as I chose. However, that doesn't mean it won't work. Many Jaywalkers are done in nearly solid and they look spiffy so why not try this in the lovely Mustang Sally? I knit the leg last night.

I would've been further along; however, I had to fool with the gauge. The cuff uses 64 sts and I started with a size 2 needle, against my better judgement. My Jaywalkers are a bit big and I usually make lace or ribbed socks. Other than the Jays, no stockinette stitch socks for me. I wanted to be sure I'd have enough room. I had to go down to a 1.5 and I bet that I could go even smaller and be ok with it. Watch your gauge if you decide to make this pattern. The pattern is sized for two sizes and I'm making the smaller one, on smaller needles (It calls for a 3 and Fiesta Yarns Babyboom which maybe a little thicker than STR Lightweight). 64 sts in the cuff and each round of Chevvies is 78 stitches. It takes awhile to go all! (Luckily I knit continental and can do this pretty quickly.)

It is a dark winter's day here but I will certainly photograph these much better when they're done! I'll go outside to do it. I like them so much, maybe I'll hire a model. ;)

I am so excited over these socks. Sadly, the house is a mess and I'll not be working on them too much today but I hope to have a picture with today's progress by tonight.

Maybe I'll make them in Hard Rock, too! They're so cool, aren't they?

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Elizzabetty said...

Mustang Sally looks perfect for these!