Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby Girl Spinning

Well, I spun up my Evergreen Grove and I think it may be my first sock worthy yarn. It's somewhat evenly spun, it's 4.5 oz and it's fingering weight and I have more fiber in case I need to make more yarn.

I am still really learning when is enough twist and when is too much twist. I don't think that I did the best plying job on this yarn. It didn't hang perfectly straight. I was close and it "S" twisted so I have to re-read and see if that is too much plying spin or too much singles spin. I think it's the former. There are spots that have a few pigtails....

My five year old, however, is doing much better than me! She needed a little help plying and she also used a fiber that was easy to spin but she did a great job! She was 'getting tired' treadling so I finished plying this for her. This kid has the patience of a saint and I am very proud of her work here and at piano and school.
This is her very first skein. It took her a few weeks and she kept improving but she spun this. I helped her with plying. She was having a bit of trouble with coordinating the flow of two pieces of yarn and keeping the tension together but so what. After all, she's only 5! Plus, I like hers better than mine. No pigtails here, just a fine job!
OK, time to clean the house.

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