Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, May 14, 2007

Called in 'Sock' today...

Well, I called in sick today. I haven't been sick for months but I felt sick this morning and last night so I decided to not go in and rough it in the office. Instead, I'll rough it here at home.

Here's the updates:

Pool Update: Sand delivery is scheduled for "Today or Tomorrow, between 9-3". That's a nice window. I'm parked in the street and a tire is low and I don't know what to do with a flat. I'm helpless when it comes to anything more than checking oil and adding gas. Kids have been signed up for swimming lessons. My son swims in the ocean, under large waves, holding my hand. He has swam across a 3' pool but not really in water over his head all that much. This pool will be over his head. My daughter is afraid of the ocean waves and sometimes won't even stick her feet in. Two summers ago, she swam out there as a mere yearling, last summer, she wanted no part of it. We'll see how she does this year, alot can happen in a year.

Diet Update: I have been eating Nutrisystems and have cheated here and there. I could drink more water on some days and I admit that I am hungry from time to time and squeeze in a cheese stick, a few melba rounds but not an ice cream sundae. I have also used the Chinese Buffet as an excuse to pig out because I cannot control myself when it comes to dumplings. That's like, once a month. Next planned day off is June 14, pre-k graduation night so we'll eat out. That lousy half a pound is back. Two sticks of butter. It's the attack of Gremlins, Part Deux.

Puppy Update: I think we may be done with pee pee in the house...I think I like watching the Dog Whisperer. He showed me how to bite her back. She doesn't do it viciously, she just plays and wants to hold on with her teeth.

Knitting Update: Baby Ripples to Knit, Leisure Arts #3159, #7, Chevron Ripple. It's done and photo is in my brag book! It's ok. I don't like the yarn and the gauge is a little loose and I bound off a little tightly. Ok, ok, it's very, very nice. It's also my first knitted afghan. (I have crocheted tons of them). I like the color, hate the yarn, it's that Caron softee stuff. It splits easily. Next time, Red Heart that new soft one, feels like it's been waxed.

Options Update: Could it be?? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee's OPTIONS!

I got some extra cables, 40" and 60". I have it in the back of my mind to make my sister in law an afghan for Christmas for her new house. Maybe five panels, like a fisherman knit, two panels of one pattern, three of another. I will design it myself. We'll see how motivated I am.

My little girl cannot contain herself. I am done with the baby blanket and now only have two WIPs. The blue socks, which look now have both legs and gussets complete and need two feet. I am considering doing them together...the other WIP is the hooded raglan for my son which needs one sleeve, to be put together and then one hood. I suppose I could knit the sleeve today. I am not so sure this is going to fit him. He's 5 and I made a 6 - 8 size to be safe but he's grown a few inches since I started around February! I'll have to just make him a Wallaby after all. I haven't heard back from Knitpicks. I did e-mail them and ask if they sent my needles via mule train. That order took like 11 days to get here.

Yarn should be coming today. My daugter can hardly contain herself with excitement. Being we're home today, she keeps looking out the window to see if the priority mail is here yet. She also wants Elizzabetty to come over and help her wind her yarn. She wants a 'Little Red Riding Hood Poncho". I have to admit, for a three year old, that was quite observant of her to relate that pattern with Red.

I think that I will whip out the hooded raglan and see how it's going, photograph it and then see if it'll fit the big boy. Next, I'll be casting on for either the Wallaby for DH, a Wallaby for DS, or the poncho.

Until next time, happy completed baby afghan day to you and may my belly feel better.

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