Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, May 28, 2007

Endangered Species

Are Wallabies endangered? Or is that three year old daughters? Are the Gremlins back?

I was in the kitchen, getting things ready for dinner and I peeked out and noticed her playing in my knitting. She looked VERY guilty and I asked her to stop. Later, we were all swimming in the pool. I came into the house and saw that the puppy had grabbed one of her stuffed animals so I took it away. I then checked on the Wallaby...and he was WOUNDED. A HOLE!

See the HOLE. I quickly blamed the puppy. Then, the rest of the family came into the house and the little girl sheepishly said, "No, she didn't do it...I did". "YOU DID WHAT? HOW?" "I cut it with a scissor". Why in the world would she ever do such a thing?? My husband felt really bad but his answer was, "Because she's three".
UGH!! So, I ripped it all out, below the beautiful pouch join by 11 rnds, not to mention the other 40 or so. So, let's say 50 rounds, 200 sts in a round, 10,000 stitches. How many hours worth of work is that?! UGH! (say UGH! as Lucy did in Charlie Brown Christmas when bobbing for apples, 'my lips touched DOG LIPS'.)
It was a very bad evening. Mostly because I went berserk for a walk and calmed down. Lesson learned, do not leave scissors in bottom of knitting basket where innocent DD could find them and cut things up that aren't paper. Sadly, vacation is over and I will be returning to work tomorrow. No time to knit this all back up.
Here's how the sleeves are coming along, almost ready to be joined. There are two there, I just had folded it in half. They're past the elbow now. Had the sleeves been joined and she did this, I would've had to be taken away in a straight jacket. I think I would've totally flipped.

In other news, we hit the beach for the first time this season. We went to Jones Beach for a little walk the other night. I enjoy looking at the city folk. Those are the people that come out from the city for the day at the beach and are often unprepared, sort of like I would be if I had to go camping. Unfortunately, some of them are yahoos and they're often the ones that drown because they don't have the same respect for the water as native Long Islanders do. Kids here grow up in the ocean, they've been knocked down by waves and don't underestimate the undertow. City kids swim in pools, they come out here and do crazy things. Here's a nice shot of the little waves at 7PM. The water was 52 degrees and some of the yahoos were swimming in it, see them there in the second photo?

Every picture tells a you think maybe someone cut up their Wallabies and they need to 'cool down' a bit?

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