Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is it Soup Yet?

Ta-Da! You can see the puppy in the foreground checking it out. I hope she doesn't eat it.....but anyway, you can now see the wonderful exposure my backyard has. Everyone for several blocks will be able to see me in a bathing suit when sunning myself on the deck, right over the top of the 6' fence. We can fill it only 8-12 inches a day, only in sunlight, in order to warranty the liner. Seems weird. They must make cheapy liners these days. So, right now, we're on inch 7 or so being we only had a little bit of sunlight yesterday. I'm shooting for a foot today though! It's running a bit now and it'll run a few more hours this afternoon. I want it up an running by Sunday at the latest so hope for lotsa sunshine. Of course, being I stopped global warming by buying this thing, it's only 57 degrees out now so we'll see how this goes.... I have memories of two summers ago where hubby had a last day of school party for his teacher friends and we had to stay indoors. It was 100 degrees that June day.

Meanwhile, the electrician fixed the spaghetti! Here's a before shot, so you could see that he had his work cut out for him.

And, now, I give you a picture of the eighth wonder of the world! A CLEARED OFF Kitchen countertop. It's all nice and neat and inside the panel now. He's coming back yet again to ground the pool and install two outside outlets for my patio. That never happens but I figured I would be nice and clear it so the electrician could install the under the cabinet lighting, which is really cool. Three bars of halogen lights, they warm up so that'll help with the very cold winter days if need be. They're perfect for making midnight snacks.

Speaking of which, those two bars of butter and four more of their friends are gone from my body. Mysteriously. I guess it's been all the running up and down the stairs I've been doing.
Needless to say, the Wallaby settled down for a nap yesterday so I'll have to update you tomorrow. Little daughter has been asking, "can you knit my poncho? I want to be Little Red Riding Hood". Soon it'll be too hot to wear it anyway but she still wants it. I'll finish the blue socks and then get that poncho going.

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