Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm Sailing Away with Wallaby!

This project is going so fast. You know, I can really get alot of things done when I don't have to go to work. I am on Vacation!!! I am waiting for the pool man to return. I plugged in the filter and it was as if I put one of those fire hydrant caps on the fire's squirting all over. He should be here this morning so we'll knit while waiting.

Here's the body, completed and waiting for the sleeve join.

I have started to knit the sleeves and I have decided, after much debate with myself, that I am going to knit two sleeves at the same time and they're going to be knit flat instead of in the round. Here's why:

1. It's easier to assemble and join when the sleeve is flat.

2. I am almost missing the purl stitch.

3. I like to sew sleeve seams and it'll look more like a grown up sweater if it has seams down the sleeves.

4. No second sleeve syndrome.

5. No need to count rows.

I do have to mark the edge of one sleeve otherwise I don't turn in the right place. There is a little phrase about "tails together" but I can't remember it now. If you don't turn in the right place, then one sleeve will have more rows than the other and that would be a very bad thing.

I did that last night watching American Idol, such a joke that show is...but anyway, I have to increase twice more and then knit until 18" in stockinette and join to the body. I'd like to get them done today but we'll see how the day goes because I have other things to do and they're only 5" so far. It's early.....
Also, I picked this up at Amazon. Being you have to spend $25 to get free shipping and I have an entire DVD Collection of children's classics, it was time for another knitting book. I was surprised at how nice it was. Although I have no desire to knit a 'Wand Cozy' or Harry's Cape or Molly's Technicolor Sweater, most of the patterns are very nice. There are house sweaters, a stuffed owl pattern, socks, beret and cap, the now infamous Harry Scarf (which takes like 600 yards of yarn, BTW) and is knit in the round so it's a tube. Harry's cape would be great for a Halloween costume. There is also a very nice visible invisibility shawl. Tons of stuff, nicely laid out, all in the spirit of Harry. Note that this book isn't endorsed by J.K. Rowling so there are no beautiful illustrations or movie pictures, just regular models but I love it just the same. **** !
I can't wait until the new book comes out.

On to other news. Yesterday, I took DS to kindergarten screening. They had a box of tissues there and I found out why. My little baby bundle of joy went waltzing down the hall with three evaluators to see about his "Kindergarten Prepardness". I sat in the lobby and cried..well...just a little. Ok, ok, more than a little. He's embarking on a new stage of his life and his mother is a basketcase. They asked him a few questions about where he lives, his phone number, things like that. They also asked him, "Why do you brush your teeth?" and he went on to tell them the truth. "Because if you don't the cavity monster will come and take them away when you're sleeping". He said they didn't laugh. I wonder if other kids have told them about the cavity monster? Only a few more months and I won't have two preschoolers. It's sad but it's good because public school is 'free' and day care is COSTLY!
Stay tuned for more Wallaby Adventures!

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