Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Must be Gremlins

This morning, I hopped on the scale hoping to achieve one of my goals, to lose 10 lbs. Well, I did lose weight...but cumulative it's only 9.5. That's two sticks of butter, a half pint of milk, two skiens of the old 4oz kind. Someone was putting it on the back of my scale. I thought that maybe I should run out to the orthodontist to have my braces removed for the weekly weigh in. I then decided a shower would be cheaper. I must have 8 oz of dirt on me. I then proceeded to dry my hair, really well. I jumped up and down and guess what? It still was only 9.5 lbs. Someone was standing on the scale with me.

Then, I thought about the other things that happen in the house. The washing machine has been eating socks for years. Someone leaves butter wrappers, empty juice boxes and dirty knives in my kitchen sink. Someone uses the entire bottle of lotion soap in the bathroom within a day or two of me putting it there. Someone messes up my kitchen counter when I'm not looking. Someone also put a mistake in the dark pink ribbed socks.

Must be Gremlins......

It also must be time to go to work!

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