Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Looka Me!! Ya hoo!!

Two socks, one circ, two socks at once on the magic loop!!!

Remember the socks that didn't match? Well, I ripped out the entire leg of the smaller one and re-knit it with the correct number of stitches. I did both gusset decreases separately and now I'm working on the foot, two socks on the needle at once.

My opinion, I love it. There is a big advantage:
Two socks get done at once. OK, Ok, the needle length isn't ideal. BUT: Two socks get done at once, buy a longer needle. You like the Addis...let your conscience be your guide. Time to e-mail knitpicks to come out with size 0 and 1 in 40" cables. I am very excited about this. I may attempt to do two socks at once pretty much the whole way next time. I think the cable is too short to accommodate all the sts through the gusset decrease though. Here's the plan.

1. Get sock 1 started, do 10 rnds of ribbing, put on holder.
2. Get sock 2 started, do 10 rnds of ribbing.
3. Put sock 1 back on the needle with sock two, continue in ribbing (I usually do 20 rnds) and do all of the legs at the same time.
4. Do sock 1 heel flap + turn while sock 2 hangs out on the cable.
5. Do sock 2 heel flap + turn and then put on stitch holder.
6. Do sock 1 through the gusset and gusset decrease, put on holder.
7. Do sock 2 through the gusset and gusset decrease.
8. Put sock 1 back on the needle and sail through the foot and toe.
9. Kitchener both and they come off the needles within a few mins of each other.

I am going to attempt a toe up sock soon. It would be really nice to finish two socks at once and not have all these little balls of sock yarn decorating my house. I could basically just go until I ran out of yarn for the most part. Not the next pair though. I am itchin' to try out my STR Rose Quartz and I am going to do the Crosshatch Lace from More Sensational Knitted Socks.

That's what I'm going to try, so stay tuned.

As for the Wallaby, I've nearly recovered from my nervous breakdown short dilemma, I was able to knit enough rounds and I will be re-joining the pouch tonight. Then, only 10" more to be back where I was the other day.

In other news, I went to NYC for work. I used to go every single day and now I only go once in awhile. It was an adventure and now I'm back to my LI office which is about 1/3 of the commute so I have a 'longer day'. That means more free time but I usually spend it working.

Two more weeks of double daycare and I will be home free. I think I will be a millionaire. Maybe step up a few things around here. Let's see what do I need? More stash? A new set of needles? (I'm wearing out my Options?) I know, time to save for a new front door and to fix the leak in the roof and to finish the basement. My contractor will retire someday so I need to get this done. I just have to plan out the basement and we'll have a nice big playroom. We'll wire the walls for optimum sound and get a nice large screen tv down there. I have two gliders to knit in and one can go down there. I'll put in a nice dehumidifier that drains to the outside so I don't have to dump the tray. It'll be nice, I'll the kids will have a really nice playroom. Too bad the lighting sucks. I do have a good electrician now though. Outside outlets and pool grounding will be done on June 29th. Yippeee!!!

Ho hum, it's 7:25am, time to get ready to make license plates go to work.

Stay tuned for more stories of the Wallaby and the Socks.

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