Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Pool, the Spaghetti and the Wallaby

Well, good morning to you! It's a nice 60 degree day here today. I must've stopped global warming by spending my money on a pool. Here's a picture of the backyard pre-pool:

Ha ha ha, had you there for a moment, didn't I? More on this story later. Here's the real picture. They should be here within the hour to start digging things up...I see the gremlins have returned once again to fiddle with the date setting on my camera. Sheesh.

Did someone say Wallaby? I knew you would ask. I am having a fun time with this pattern. It's written in coversational English, which is so weird. I am just about done with the ribbing and will be putting in the increases for the body of the Wallaby and working on the pouch. It doesn't seem to be all that difficult but it looks like alot of people complain about it. It involves a bit of math though. We'll see how it goes. Here's the little guy now:

DH is very pleased with the color of his Wallaby. I was thinking that he wouldn't like it being it's kinda greenish. It's Cascade Superwash #860. The color that came out in the picture above is pretty accurate.

I also have an electrician coming today. Being I live in a cape with the kitchen in the back plus a room behind it, I don't have a kitchen window. It makes for warmth in the summer. The kitchen is also unheated and honestly, if there were two days that I noticed it, it was alot. There isn't a need for heat there. Being it doesn't have a window, there isn't a place for a skylight, so, it's dark most of the time. Except maybe in June when there are many hours of daylight. For the rest of the year, it's as dark in there as Alaska on Halloween. Anyway, I have an electrician coming today to fix the spaghetti electrical box I have downstairs. I'll upload a picture later. Gotta take a before and after picture of that. He'll also be installing bar lights under my kitchen cabinets. Yes, you guessed it, I had been inspired to clear my countertop and did it. (Plus knit the baby afghan and do 86 loads of wash. Plus, bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan...) YIPPEE!! So, that's where the spaghetti comes in.

Now, more on the story of the picture above. That is a picture of Dowling College and the main building belonged to a Vanderbilt and was called Idle Hour. For you history buffs, read the story here. It's beautiful, it is on the water and was a playground of the turn of the century rich and famous old money sort. My brother in law, a native Floridian, had never been to NY until he was engaged to my sister. They married in 1996 and currently live in Florida and probably always will. In 2000, DH and I bought this house. For those of you familiar with Long Island, these houses, particularly where I live, were built for the GIs after WWII who were back from the war and now wanted to live in the 'country'. You can read about that here. You can also spend the day on that site, interesting stuff! Anyway, the houses are cookie cutter, more or less the same, cape, cape, cape, cape, split, split, split, split, you get the picture. Nothing fancy at all...except the price tag. So, when we bought the house, I told him how much we paid for it. It was a little more than three times what they paid for their house. Their house is much nicer than mine, located in the heart of town in a beautiful area. I said, "Oh, it's nice, I'll send you a picture". So, I e-mailed a few pictures of Dowling College/Idle Hour to him and had him going for awhile. Tee hee hee!!

One more thing, I don't need to knit another sleeve for my son's hooded raglan. I knit two sleeves at the same time. It now just requires some assembly. That is probably a good Friday morning project for me. Maybe, we'll have yet another finished object to show you soon enough. It requires assembly and a knit hood.

I have like a real blog now. I feel like such a grown up these days, a house, a husband, 2.0 kids, 2.0 dogs, a pool in the backyard, spaghetti in my basement and light in my kitchen. I thought this day would never come back when I was four and I told my mom I wanted to be a grown-up but it finally has. She was right, being a kid was fun! Being a grown up is fun too but the recovery time has changed from seconds of crying to aches and pains all day. But anyway...onward, I've been blogging here for quite sometime and the Wallaby is calling is the laundry basket.

I now leave you with this quote to think about:
"It is easy to say how we love new friends, and what we think of them, but words can never trace out all the fibers that knit us to the old".
-George Elliot.

I thought that was very nice.


jewels said...

i don't get it????

DLovesocks said...

Your wallaby is looking good. Thanks for the nice comments on mine. I had so much fun knitted it up that I'm going to do more. They just have to wait in line for my others projects.