Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blocked Stocked and Barrelled

I did it! It's done! Finally! I decided that tonight was fringe night. I thought it would take an 'half an hour' but it was an hour and 20 minutes. It's all blocked and it lies so nice and neatly now. It has a lovely drape, almost like silk. You can almost feel it with your eyes, look at the way it's sitting on my couch!

I love this yarn!! DD will be so surprised when she sees it tomorrow. I think I'll put it by her in her bed.

Knitting Pure and Simple Poncho #243. I made size 6. I started August 1 and finished August 11. I put the fringe on today. (Nothing like the present!!) Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport in Iris Garden. The colors of Dora the Explorer. It's lovely, it's soft, it smells lovely. AHHHH!!! It's ready to be worn. (well, I could trim the fringe even nicer...)

Speaking of blocking, now that it doesn't scare me any longer, I'm blocking hubby's wallaby. Don't worry, it's all one color, just that it is starting to dry a bit so it looks mottled. This was made out of Cascade Superwash. It was disgusting (or, as DD would sayd, "A-scusting")! You wouldn't believe what came out of that nice yarn! I think I just learned where the expression, "Everything comes out in the wash" came from. The water was like TEA, it was BROWN. you think it was......sheep poop? I rinsed and rinsed and oh my, I swear it was sheep poop. How did this get so dirty?
It was also something that was a little snug in the shoulders so I blocked it and pulled it a bit. I just need it to grow a tad......especially now. My DH has stopped smoking and has put on "a couple" of pounds. I don't care, really. It doesn't matter what he looks like from the outside. It's his dirty lungs that I care about. I hope the sleeves aren't too long. They seemed long when I put this on the floor.

Meanwhile, back at the needles, spindle socks are coming along very, very nicely and I will be showing you an update next time. The Iris Afghan, well...I've decided to start it over again this weekend. I will keep looking at it for another day and then, off to the frog pond.

And leave comments. Please say hi! Let me know how you like the little poncho!

Have you noticed my city counter on the side? Well, the mid-west is not well represented. Ok, ok, I know I poked fun at you back in April when I took pictures of the crop circles. Midwesterners are great crafters!! Have you ever noticed that? The midwest people make the best stuff. They're the ones winning the afghan and quilt contests all the time!! Probably making fun of my attempts at blocking, socks and other things.

It's getting late and I have to get up at 5:30 to do laundry, knit and make lunches. Good Night, all!

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