Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tofutsies Join the FO list today!

I got up this morning and did the toes on the Tofutsies. Yes, I know, I'm weird. I get up at the crack of dawn and knit...often. All was looking so nice. I got up to the fun part, kitchener stitch..
And, after making sure that no one was going to sneeze within a five mile radius and deliberately distract me, I kitched.

When I put them on and photographed them, I saw something bad!!! A mistake!! Don't make the picture larger because you will see it, too!

Ugh. It's a good thing that I am not overly fond of this pair of socks. The pattern was fine. I am not a Tofutsies kinda gal. I love wool, baby. This is nice and soft and it makes for a lightweight sock but's not wool and doesn't hang or hold its shape nicely. It's like...almost..a dishcloth.
Let's get some more FOs under our belt!
Remember the little poncho? Well, I was thinking about steam blocking it but decided to wet block instead. I'm not really sure how to do this so bear with me. First, I gave it a nice bath in a capful of Wool-Lite. I love the smell. Alot of the berry colored water ran out of it turning the water a nice pink. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. I squoze and sqouze and squoze. My hands smelled like salad from the vinegar in the yarn. It was quite interesting. They didn't turn pink though.

Then, I pinned it all nice and pretty to a towel. I wasn't really sure how to do the hood though...
I was thinking about putting it over a balloon for a few minutes but then decdied that pinning it down squarely would help. I had visions of the Yarn Harlot's shawl in my mind...
I actually pinned this out yesterday, it's still damp and it still needs fringe. I didn't know if I was supposed to add the fringe and then block or block then fringe. I don't know how to block, really. I just make it up. It looks straight and all the seams are matched up. This is actually the back and I am sad to say that you can kinda see where I switched from one skein to the next. I shouldn't have done it that way. Live and learn. Lorna's Laces yarn is beautiful! I adored the feel, the smell, the colors, everything about it and I will definitely use it again.

Speaking of switching skeins, I have been wanting to try some Fair Isle knitting. I have been looking for possibly a class or an easy hat pattern or something like that. Last night, I started watching the 39 episodes of Knitty Gritty that I have recorded and one of them was about making a Fair Isle sweater for a teddy bear. You knit a tube, like a tube top (I have no experience with tube tops, knitting them or ..using them.. personally....) and then you knit the sleeves. Each piece has a facing. Then, you figure out where the sleeves should go and you machine stitch on the tube top. You stitch down the length of the sleeve and then across four stitches and then up to the top. Twice. Then, you take a very deep breath and relax. Do not hyperventilate. You get your sharpest scissors out and you ... cut. That's the steek for those of you not up at midnight reading the Fair Isle book like I have been. Then, you stitch the top of the shoulders closed, insert the sleeve into the hole and sew from the front with the right side facing you. Isn't that interesting?
Check out Vickie Howell and a Fair Isle Video here.
Here is the Norwegian Teddy Bear Sweater Pattern so we can all try it out. I am thinking of doing this...seriously. It should really be done with Icelandic wool that will felt and hide any mess. In real sweaters they don't sew. Thread doesn't work like yarn does and can make the shoulders very uncomfortable. Teddy won't mind but we would. I'm scared to do this on a real sweater. Plus, it's very expensive to buy all that yarn. However, I would spit for a few dollars to make a teddy bear sweater for my teddy (who is old and I still have him!). Plus, this is a technique that I really want to learn. How will I ever broaden my horizons unless I explore new things? (note to self: Fair Isle - In, Tatting - Out)
BTW, speaking of Norway, I see that I have lotsa visitors from all over the place! I hope you are finding it interesting!! I wish you would leave comments, just say hi so I know you're all there and paying attention. Besides, I would love to visit your blogs and see your Fair Isle knitting, your socks, your family, your vacations and so forth.
OK, that's it for now. Next up: Iris Baby Blanket update and the new project: Spindle patterned socks in Gray Baby Ull! WOOL!! YAY!!!
Stay tuned!
P.S. I know that squoze isn't a real word. It probably will be someday though!

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