Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, October 19, 2007

New Picture Friday

Last night was Thursday, knit night. I was exhausted but I still went to yack with the ladies and sit around the big table and see what everyone was knitting. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera. We had a few scarves, Annette and her pretty pink shawl were there, and alot of socks. Elizzabetty showed up with my present! There it is! Isn't she lovely? Interesting colors. I'm thinking about what I could do with this. Hmmn..

I worked on my Baa Baa Brown Sheep Iris Afghan for awhile..ripped it out a few times and finally have the pattern and the cast on number of stitches correct.

Here's what it looked like after this morning's knitting. It's grown a bit. It now has 168 sts in a row so doing 10 rows in the morning before work is entirely possible. At this rate, I'll make it in time for Thanksgiving for the baby that's due on Christmas Day. I think he's going to be a big boy and I have been working on this pretty diligently, let's hope I keep it up. I have also been carefully checking my work so as not to have an error 12 rows down that requires surgery. The pattern is easy enough that fixing this wouldn't be difficult but still...

I've decided that my first sewing project is going to be a nice shower curtain. It's easy and I think that I can handle that. Not ready to start it yet. Maybe the first week of November when I'm off two days in a row. It should take me about 48 hours to figure out how to do this, another 40 to measure twice and 2 hrs to cut once. It's a good beginner project and besides, it will replace the one that I got from the dollar store that I didn't think would last as long as it did. I'm thinking about keeping it very simply, tiny dots for the pattern. I'll get daring with bigger prints when I become more experienced.

I am thinking of making the waving lace socks from Favorite Socks next. This would be after I finish the spindle scoks. Not sure of which color I'll use. Maybe a socks that rock semi-solid that I haven't shown you yet. Something RED! I think I want red socks, good for the upcoming holly-days!
Still can't really see the pattern of the Baa Baa Brown Sheep Iris Afghan. That stinks. Maybe if you double click and make it big. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, a good day for outdoor yarn photography.
In other news...
Tomorrow, I am thinking of taking the kids out to make them very tired. Pumpkin picking and maybe up to the Teddy Roosevelt preserve to look at some fall foliage over the Long Island Sound. Hmmn...we'll see. They have karate in the morning and DH is teaching a few violin lessons so we'll have to wait and see what happens. The weather is supposed to improve. Anything would be an improvement over tonight's downpours. I was driving home and now the song, "Catch a Wave" has new meaning for me. One car to my left splashed me so hard it was a good 3 seconds before I could see anything. The road was closed out up ahead but fortunately, that was a few exits past me.
It's still very, very warm here in New York. today, it was in the low 70s with alot of humidity which made it feel like 80 to me. The moisture in the air is very unseasonable in these parts. We usually get those clear, crisp, fresh air open the windows days. No dice.
I got a nice new washer as part of my 'game show activity' thinking that it would hold down the cost of my electric bill. I just don't get it and I'm beginning to think that I should add the nice new matching dryer to my collection of game show toys. I just got my bill from 8/20 - 10/20 and compared to last year, I used more electricity. Isn't that odd? Considering that we were away the week of 8/20, there was no AC running or anything else for that matter. Plus, it was freezing here the end of the summer so I would say we used less AC. I was expecting that we'd use less electricity. I just don't get it. Must be the gremlins. I used considerably more than last year and that was considerably more than the year before. I also replaced my expensive flood lights with fluorescents! What gives, LIPA??? How am I going to buy fabric and yarn with this bill? I did get $50 off though, a rebate for my new washer.
Zoey the doggie is going to obedience school and now is starting to behave. She's moved up to tolerable. She knows DOWN and OFF and SIT and LEAVE IT. She doesn't know how to lie down on her belly or stay. She keeps inching forward.

The baby guppies have grown and now are incorporated into the rest of the tank. Unfortunately, their mother has passed on. You would too had you had as many kids as she did. She was black. The one that was hitting on her also had a black tail. Oddly, one of the baby boys has a red and blue tail. It's also a different style. I don't know what happens in my fishtank when I'm at work. They get into all sorts of trouble. You know what? There isn't even a red and blue tailed male in my tank. What may've happened was that he didn't come from the same batch of babies. His mommy may've been the blonde who was new. She was having more fun when she was at the pet shop with the red and blue tailed strapping young men....
Well, husband is home now. Time to knit!

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