Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The New Project...Baby Ull Spindle Socks

Now that the Tofutsies are old hat...I started a new project. This time: WOOL!! YAY!!! Two at once, of course.

I find it difficult to get started by casting on one sock and then the other and trying to work them both at once. There are too many chances to twist and all those strings hanging all over the place. It's easier to cast on, work a few rounds for one sock and then knit them onto two DPNS. Then, cast on, knit a few rounds and knit the sock from the DPNs onto the loop. The advantage of learning this: No real row counting. Ok, ok, the real advantage: They're done at the same time. Plus, less time spent drawing up loops. Each side is double the amount of sts before you need to turn. It's great and faster! Think of all the socks you could knit.

I was going to fully document this sock but I think I'm going to wait until I do one in a lighter color. One that shows up nicely against a neutral background so you can see exactly what's happening. We'll do it together. I will photograph a sock that I won't show you until it's completed and then post all the steps at once. That'll be fun, no? Like a little scrap book. Alot of work on my part but it'll all be worth it if someone finds it helpful.

For now, I'll show you some quick shots of my new project.

I'm using: 1 circular, 32" long, DPNs in the same size, two balls of yarn. I am using size 1s (the 2.5mm) and Baby Ull fingering weight yarn and have 70 sts in one round. The pattern is Spindle from Sensational Knitted Socks. I started these 10/14/07 at night.

Here they are just as I was beginning round 5. Note how I have the second sock on the DPNs. I start a sock on the circs, magic looping a four rounds. Round four was knitting them onto two DPNs. Then, I started the second sock, knit four rounds and the first side to begin round 5. Round 5 started at the far right edge of this picture. Then, I knit off the DPNs onto the circ. I knit the entire sock onto the circular needle, pulling up a loop after half (35 sts) were completed and turning, just as if I had only one sock.

Notice that I had my crochet hook handy. I had to use it when I pulled the DPN out thinking it was the circ....idiot that I am. Suggestion to you: Don't do that.

In this picture, one DPN has been removed and I'm about to pull up the loop and knit off of the other DPN....which is at the top right of this shot.

That being done...

I've flipped over and everything is on the circ. The sock on the right is the one that was knit off of the DPNs. Now, I'm back to the first sock and I'm ready to knit towards the pink yarn marker, indicating the end of round 5 (for both socks.) Note that the tails are hanging down vertically at the same side (the left) and working yarn are the ones at the top. Note how I'm ready to knit the sock on the left and the working yarn is ready for me, right across from where I need it! Pull that first stitch tightly, now! No loose mess at the edges. Of course, you could do what I do at least once per pair ... knit them together!! That's good if you're making them for a mermaid. Or merman.


And, lastly, one round completed. This is a relatively easy pattern, moving right along.

The new project accompanied DD and I to NYC yesterday. Every once in awhile, I get on the Long Island Railroad, something I did every day for years, and I visit my NYC office. I took DD and my new sock. See? Here we have the sock visiting Times Square. Behind my hand is the Army Recruiting station and we're looking north. I'm standing in front of One Times Square and The Ball isn't there...yet. Just a Chevy add. For years, it was Cup A Noodles, dry ice making steam 24 hrs a day. Anyway....

These were taken after work. I picked up DD at the special day care center that she spent a good part of the day at and we walked back to Penn Station. In rush hour. I was the annoying regular who looked like a tourist, taking out my camera at 5 o'clock and stopping traffic to take pictures.

See the sock visiting the garment district?

It's under her chin. When I looked at this picture and the expression on her face it reminded me of Mary Tyler Moore right when she throws the hat up in the air...

We also tried to take a shot of the Empire State Building but the lighting wasn't working and the 3,000 people trying to get home kept getting in my way. It's there, in the picture, to the right of the flag but you can't see it. So.....see below for a nicer shot without a sock to ruin the picture.

So, lastly, the Empire State Building in all its glory. Next time I hit my NYC office, it'll probably be dark when I go home and the Empire State Building will be lit up in the colors of the day. I like when that do that.

Just a gorgeous October day in NYC for DD, the sock and I.

Stay tuned for some new episodes in blogland: the results of my Poncho blocking, pumpkin picking, baa baa brown sheep and the baby blanket!

BTW, the recipient of the crocheted baby blanket entered the world four days ago and will be home tomorrow! Good thing it's done...uh...except for those seams and it needs a bath so it smells luscious.

Time to knit!

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