Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quick Update - Iris Afghan and Spindle Socks

I took alot of math and I got nearly a perfect score on the SATs (in math, for English..well, that's another story.) I used to be able to do calculus, geometry, integration, I knew the word transcendental had something to do with math and not only meditation... BUT.....

I can't count.
Not only did I screw up the stitches on the Blue Wallaby and not notice until I was six inches into it, I did the same thing on the Iris Afghan. Yes, I frogged the entire thing back to the skein this morning and casted on, this time 158 sts instead of 132. But after knitting the first row, I had only 156 sts. That won't work. So, I started again. Isn't it lovely? Twenty five rows ripped out and two rows done. It's worth it to get up at 5:30 to knit, isn't it?

Of course the Spindle Socks are coming along beautifully, thankfully. No unknitting there at all. I've completed one repeat of the pattern and have just started the second. I love them, I love the yarn and I love the color. I am bringing these projects to knit nite tonight for Show N Tell along with the poncho and some members of my completed sock family. The Tofutsies will make a cameo as well.
Well, it's 7:16AM and I must get DD out of the bed. DS is already up and dressed and ready for school. He's finally settling into the Kindergarten lifestyle and is behaving in class and doing the homework with ease.
We'll be hitting the Pumpkin Patch this weekend, for sure!

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