Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Drawing a Blank

Today, I have writer's block. It's 6 AM and I have time to blog but it seems that I am at a loss for words.

The Tofutsies are entering the heel flap stage.

The puppy is going to school tonight to learn how to behave.

It's October. I'm in NY. Why am I running the AC?

I bought some sewing books on Amazon yesterday so I could attempt to make my own curtains, bedspreads, throw pillows for my bedroom. My bedroom needs extreme makeover. We've renovated every part of the house for the most part...except that room. All we did there was paint. It's a nice large room, approximately 12 x23 rectangular on one end of the rectangle and 10 on the other. Maybe a little less than 10. It has 4 large windows with blinds hanging in them. My winter project is to use my sewing machine and do a makeover. Remember: I cannot sew.

The little boy and the little girl are doing very well in school. He tends to get into trouble from time to time...yesterday he took a girl's shoe and didn't give it back! (Flirting??) She has totally come out of her shell and is maturing into what will be a Kindergartner next year. I'm also busy working on homework with my son. It's amazing the amount of work they do. He's 5 and has to do a 'Book Report' once a week. Lots of coloring going on. We have to read, do flash cards, learn sight words. Amazing how much they've done in one month. I didn't do this stuff in first grade. The little girl was playing on the Internet when I picked her up after school yesterday and she's FOUR!

Knitting along, doing the heel flaps on Tofutsies. I have 20 rows to go doing two at once and can squeeze that in this morning before work. Pix later!

Christmas is just around the corner, best to get any Christmas knitting well underway at this point!

For now, I leave you with the Christmas Stocking entries from the LI Fair....nice, hah?

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