Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bear Necessities...

Nutrisystems sends you a stuffed bear every time you lose 10 lbs. Mine arrived today.
Isn't he adorable?

He posed with the socks and he posed with the Wallaby. Later, we got a knock on the door at 8:20 AM. I was in my PJs working on the sock. I couldn't let whoever it was SEE ME. I totally forgot about the rocks being delivered. They came today!

Isn't that a cool action shot of the dump truck? We are going to put them all around the pool. The kids are supposed to help with that project and I am supposed to be food shopping. They're upstairs destroying the house and I'm here blogging away.

In the knitting world, the socks above SHOULD be done tonight. Maybe not kitchenered closed but maybe so. I like this two socks at once bit. Ok, ok, I did knit them together last night but that's what happens when one knits and sleeps at the same time. I am just about up to the toe decreases and I am getting very excited about it. I will try them on tonight. They're a gift for my aunt and her foot is a little smaller than mine. (a little shorter, a lot narrower so I am a bad model.) My foot is so incredibly 10" in circumference, maybe even more. I just don't know if the STR is going to cut it for me. Even this pair, I'm using cherry tree hill, 420 yards and I'm starting to run low. Remember how I took out an entire sock because it was too narrow? Well, that yarn only lasted to the ball of the foot when I widened the pattern by a few stitches. Amazing.

It's sad because I am considering making the cross hatch lace pattern out of the rose quartz but I don't want to run out and I don't want anklets. Let me think about it. I am going to finish this pair tonight so I have one night to 'sleep on it'. The poncho won't be started until the Wallaby is done and that seems to be going slowly now that I have had to knit it twice. I'm up to the rib area somewhere. I may work on that tonight instead, depends on how tired I am.

Hey, Knitpicks now offers 32" cabled circulars in some new sizes. I have to get me some of those. That should work fine for two socks at once. It's ok now that I have the hang of it, just a little tight. I also want to do two socks, toe up someday. I'm not brave enough to try that yet though.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will have a fo to show you. Nice new socks!

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