Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, June 15, 2007

Shoot Me When I Turn into My Mother

Sigh. I still haven't learned. Don't knit when you're tired.
Yesterday, there was some running around. I started the day out tired and I stayed tired. I also was trying to starve myself being we were going to the Chinese buffet because DS was graduating from pre-k. He stood so still and tall and proud, even with his mommy in the front row, a basket case, crying, fogging up the lens. My little baby is now a manlittle boy who is moving up to Kindergarten...

Even Wallaby Wounder was dressed for the occasion, looking very ladylike in her dress. Hard to believe that she would hurt an innocent piece of fabric. Look for her on America's Most Wanted.

The ceremony included the pledge to the flag so they can show us how they know right from left and how to say the word "Invisibility" or is it "indivisibility"? Odd, that's the one word that always got me until about...third grade. Good to see that kids are still kids.

They segued into a little chorus of "God Bless America". One little girl in the front row got every word to every song and may even know how to say INDIVISIBLE. Another cried from the time they walked out until the time that the ceremony was over. Poor thing. She reminded me of the crying blond girl on American Idol that night. I was so proud of my son! He was really into it and I'm so sure he's ready to go to school and take on some more responsibility. I felt like my mother sitting there in the audience, one of the parents, right in the front. Good to see that mommies are still mommies.

Kindergarten is very competitive these days. I can't believe the volume and type of work they do. Back in the olden days, when I went, all we did was play. The girls, anyway, the boys had to shovel the coal into the stove to keep us warm from the 6 feet of snow outside. You know, the snow we had to walk through just to get to school. Anyway, one of the daddies asked me last night,

"So, is your son in my daughter's class?".
"No, he's in room 8, your daughter is in the other class. There are two pre-k classes but not all of the kids will be going to kindergarten in September because they aren't old enough".
"Oh.....(long pause, expression of worry) are both classes on the same level?"

That got me there such a thing as TRACKING pre-k children???? Was he serious? I answered him,
"Of course". But I was thinking, "Are you for real???" Was he worried about her going on to med school?

Later, we went back inside for the reception and got little collages of what the children had worked on during the year. I didn't eat the cake because I'm already too fat and had another pound of sushi prior to attending this shindig..but I did try some Extra Creamy Cool Whip, which was great! I had it on strawberries.
He looks so much like his daddy in that picture........and so green, probably from the fluorescent lighting.

So, after the cry fest, we came home and it was 7:30pm. My kids go to bed at 7:45, even before I did when I was their age. I don't think the street lights are even on at 7:45. I remember being in bed and my friends were still playing outside. I like the fact that they will enjoy the same fond memories that I have of my childhood. I'm glad that I feel like my mother. I even say the things she says sometimes. I'm sure she's looking down, hanging on the edge of the pearly gates, yelling down to me to put on a coat and don't wash my hair and go outside and stuff like that. She'd be proud of me for putting the kids to bed while it's still light out.

Wallaby Wounder was too tired to climb stairs to her bed. I carried her up, brushed her teeth, washed her up and tucked her in. She was out cold...before the room got dark. He was beside himself with glee, feeling very important and happy and was up for another hour, then he crashed.

And then, it happened, I knit....and I ripped out 6 rows. Why? Absolutely no reason, it's just that I have poor eyesight, probably compounded the problem by crying for 45 minutes earlier in the evening. I thought that I messed up one of the decreases and had one slanting the wrong way. It's very difficult to fix that so I ripped out 6 rounds of about 200 sts....only to was just the end of a piece of yarn that I had woven in poorly and it could have easily been fixed from the wrong side without making a mess. So, I got up at my usual 5:45 and put the 6 rows back in. I also seamed the sleeves and kitched the underarms. Not totally pleased with that. When you do that, you wind up with two holes at either end of the kitchenered part and it was not that easy to sew that up. Note to self: next Wallaby, the underarms will get done sooner rather than later because the weight of the knitting made the sts on the holder get a bit tight causing unevenness.

All in all, I guess I'm happy. I wanted to be finishing this up today so I would have some time to clean up my computer room. My computer room looks like Oscar Madison's bedroom......and this is my last day before I have to be full time stay at home mom for a week. I have several activities planned and they'll have fun.

Knitpicks shipped my order that I placed on Friday. Let's see how long it takes. It's in Ohio and they're strapping it on the back of the mule today. DPNs coming soon and I can fix the Rose Quartz Socks. Also, swatched the poncho and need to go up a needle size (to an 8, the ones I'm using on the Wallaby). All the more reason to get the Wallaby DONE so that I can move on here. I have like 20 rows of decreases left and then 2" of neck ribbing and then the hood. I can probably do the hood quickly, straight stockinette. I am shooting for sitting down and finishing through the neck ribbing but only have about two hours to goof off this morning. "Can I do it? Yes, I can!" (Hopefully, all of you watch Bob the Builder because that's where that's from).

BTW, it's "SUMMER" in a few days. It's also 60 degrees and the water temperature in the ocean is like ... 54. We've been having awfully strange weather. It's nice, it storms, it's nice, it's cold, it's windy...all in an hour. It's what we can call a 'mixed bag'.

I will show you the Wallaby when I have a little more done, like the neck ribbing, or at least some of it. I really liked the mindless knitting of the body of this thing, just knit and knit and around and around and no row counting. Now, I have to pay attention.
Off to rib!

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