Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, June 22, 2007

By the Dawn's Early Light

Today is the last day of school and hubby woke up early. I guess he was excited that he's off for the summer for the most part after today. He also went to sleep last night before 8 PM so there was no reason for him NOT to awaken early.

Then, he left, at 6:25 AM. I had a few minutes to play with the socks. Here's their daylight pictures.

Crosshatch Lace Socks. Pattern: Crosshatch Lace from More Sensational Knitted Socks. STR, Rose Quartz. Knitpicks Options, size 1, 2.50mm, 60 sts casted on. Start date: 6/3/07, Finished: 6/21/07.

Aren't they beautiful? They're a teeny bit short in the toe for me which means that they'll fit the normal non-quintuple E foot quite well. They'll probably go to my sister in law in SC. (If I can part with them).

I also took out my crochetting yesterday! I worked on a baby blanket and made 6 squares so far. It's a way to clean out the basement, being I have a ton of yarn left over from previous projects. Pictures soon.

I also started Faggot and Cable Stripe socks from More Sensational Knitted Socks, same specs as above, STR Scottish Highlands.
So, back to work and I'll have an update on this later.

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Elizzabetty said...

Ooooo... so pretty! Don't you just love Charlene?