Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

You think it's Mouthwash, but it's not!

See Punkin's Socks! See Punkin's Socks GROW!! Here's what they looked like on Wednesday:

And, here's where I left off last night:

Onward with Crosshatch Lace! Aren't they lovely? I don't think that I have any mistakes although I did knit them together...uh..twice and had to take out an entire round. It'd be much easier with a 40" cable. It looks like a 'hole' in the top right but I've looked at the sock carefully, it's not. It's slowing down a bit because I have a tangle in the yarn and I've been back to the Wallaby. The tangle is all pulled out, yards and yards of loose yarn, but it's hard to manage with both ends going at the same time. That's the disadvantage of knitting two at once. At this point, they're anklets for the most part and I've used exactly 25% of the extremely skimpy 350 yards STR. I do like this yarn. It's not even really all about the way it feels for me, which is very nice. It's about the shading, these colors are really beautiful. The cons are that the cost is high and the yardage is low and I have wide feet. I also like my socks to cover a chunk of my lower calf, no ankles hanging out from under the pants when I cross my legs. When I finished up the blue/purple Cherry Tree Hill ribbed socks, I only had a small amount left and that was out of 420 yards. It was adequate to finish a pair of socks. I'll weigh it and let you know, now that I found my scale.
I was watching Knitty Gritty and they were making socks. The guest, Cookie, who we all know from her nice patterns on Knitty, was talking about doing YOs. It's a real pain to me, first off, they fall of the needle. If you look away for a second, all of a sudden, you're missing a stitch! Pesky.... It really mattered with the Chevron Ripple baby afghan I made because the number of stitches in a row wasn't always the same due to the YOs. Additionally, it's tough to get all the 'holes' uniform in size. Her suggestion was to do a M1 instead. If anyone is interested in trying this pattern, this would be the one to do it with. The pattern is very straightforward and the number of sts is the same per row. Of course, I don't practice what I preach. Also, if you take out a row, it's easy to get the M1's oriented on the needle correctly.

Anyway, in other news, take a look at this, I got up early and brushed my teeth and reached under the sink for the mouthwash and grabbed it...
There's a bunch of stuff down there, pretty colors and all.....
and, just when I thought it was Listerine Orange, I got it unscrewed and was overwhelmed. Take a closer look. They really should be careful about the packaging on these things. Innocent adults could be hurt! Where is Ralph Nadar when you need him???

So, next week, I only work three days, then on vacation for the rest of the week and all of the following week. Goal: Finish the Wallaby and this pair of socks before returning to work on June 25th. I only go back for 4 measly days and then off again for a week and a half, in which time, finish the poncho, perhaps???? We'll be home through July 4th (can you believe it's really going to be summer already???) and doing stuff with the family, beach, swimming, cleaning up the house, father in law will be visiting for a bit, so we'll see how much I can get done.
As for Nutrisystem, I was not a very good girl this week. I ate sushi. It's not the worst thing in the world. I didn't eat a crate of fried chicken or hamburgers, it was only fish. So, I feel full of salt now.
I can tell that you're all on the edges of your seats for this, aren't you? I do have such an 'exciting' life as you can see by my goals. Will I succeed? Stay tuned to find out!

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