Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Wire, Wire!!

I remember a number of years back, I was at Saratoga. The horses were at the 1/16 pole and a 'man' in front of me had placed a large bet on the horse that was out in front by over a length. A closer was rapidly closing the gap on the outside, gaining quickly and steadily and this man yelled, "Wire, wire!!!" That all came back to me as I was finishing up my socks. 420 yards of yarn, plenty, you say? I had very little leftover. Here's a peak! See that tiny ball!? That's the leftover! Oh my! I was yelling, "Wire, wire" myself there at the end of the toe decreases. But all in all, it worked out well, see the finished product and there is an additional shot in the brag book.

I love them. They're to be a gift to my aunt. I'm sure my uncle will want a pair, too.
I loved the pattern. The STR is calling me but I am really scared about running out. I am nearly ready to attempt toe up, two at once..It must be that I have huge feet. Not long, but very wide. Originally, I had knit an entire sock of these but it didn't match the first one because I casted on less stitches. Just increasing that pattern one repeat was a big difference. Making a sock that is 9" or more in circumference really eats up the yarn. I frogged it all and started again and ran out of yarn about an inch from the toe decreases. I will weigh the remainder of the ball just to see how much I have left over.

I could do the STR and make them a little smaller and give them to my sister in law for Christmas. She LOVES pink and the lace pattern would be lover-ly in pink. Her foot is narrower than mine (as is 99% of the population's because I have flippers).

I am so happy that I have another FO. Now, what's next? Pink lace socks will probably get started. All that's on the needles now is the Wallaby and that's not portable. I want to finish that up, get the pink socks going, too. I may cast on tonight for the pink socks during the Sopranos. Two at once, top down, methinks...

After the Wallaby, the poncho and then a probably a baby project being they're coming in droves around me lately.

More later, time for breakfast. Little bear is saying, "Here's looking at you, kid" so the ravioli and fried rice are a definite no-no. I think we'll do a beach walk tonight, go check out the high surf from Tropical Storm Barry that should be battering us later today. It's a bit chilly at 69 today and the kids want to swim but that's not looking very good right now.
"Here's lookin' at you, kid. Keep up the good work, eat the bran flakes and skim and you'll look like Angelina Jolie in no time" - NS Bear.

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