Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hopping along with the Wallaby

It's Thursday, the first day of my vacation and the next to last day of my being alone in the house. Next week, the kiddies and I will be home from work and school. Me for a week, them for the summer. Only a few hours to thoroughly clean my house while I have the chance finish up the Wallaby. Here's a new picture. You can see that I've only done a few rounds and you can also see that the sleeves need to be sewn up. It's time for everyone's favorite, the infamous kitchener stitch. I don't exactly know how it got it's name. Kitchener would be someone who works in a kitchen. You'd have to be really truly skilled to be able to do this PLUS prepare dinner back in the day. Imagine that, making bread from scratch, plucking feathers out of a turkey, cleaning the vat and squeezing in some time to kitchener stitch without screwing it up... I am going to do this while I have the house to myself. Kitchener the underarms, sew the sleeve seam and weave in those ends. The reason it hasn't really grown all that much is because I did work on some finishing. There are no loose yarn ends hanging anywhere other than the sleeves and the neck. Additionally, I swatched the next project, the poncho. I have to go up a needle size and I need the 8's that I'm using for this so it's all the more reason to finish Mr. Wallaby. I have neck ribbing and hood and that's all folks! We'll wash and block and put him away for the fall.

In other news, today it's 57 degrees. A bit chilly for NY in June. Today is not a day that will be warming up the ocean water making it swimmable by July 1st, no way..jut not going to happen. Once I was in Maine in July. I don't think it ever really gets warm enough to swim in the water. In fact, it wasn't warm enough for A/C for the most part. I stuck my hand in the water and it HURT. That's why the lobster is so good, or so I'm told by the Mainers. You can never swim there, too cold. Like, the glacier is still warming up. I'll have to go back and photograph a sock, in Maine, with a lobster. The cold weather should leave us by Sunday, when it'll be 90. Good. I thought because I spent my life savings on a pool I cured the planet of global warming.

#*!)&&~* !!! I was expecting a letter of thanks from Al Gore...

For summer projects, I signed the kiddies up for swimming (Wednesday morning) and Piano (Wednesday afternoon). You can see little Boobette here 'practicing' and singing. It's something that she (currently) really wants to do, violin and piano. My son has been taking piano for a few months now but he really would prefer drums. Tough. DH is a music teacher and we own the following instruments: electric keyboard, piano, acoustic guitar, a bunch of violins, a cello, a viola, we have a flute on hand as well that we're 'borrowing' for awhile. A few recorders, too. So, this isn't really foreign to them. They WILL play something. While I will have to play an active role in piano class, I can knit during swimming. They'll be in the pool at the same time, 1/2 an hr. Ah....self time, for the most part.

Tonight is pre-k graduation. I'll be crying. I hope it's nice and it doesn't rain. Being I'm home, we'll be picking up the kids at 3:30 or 4, going to dinner and returning at 6PM for the event at school. There will be cake and drinks afterwards and a place for the mommies to fix their makeup. Cap and baby boy...the little thing that I held in my arms...going to embark on his educational career...kindergarten in only a few short months....AND, do you know what he told me? He wants to RETIRE. He sees no point in spending your whole life doing this stuff and then you get to retire like his grandmother. Why not do it now, cut to the chase? I asked him where the money would come from and he said the ATM.

(Flashback: 1966, in the drycleaners, asking my mom for money for the gumball machine. She said we didn't have any, I said to write a check. Moral: times have changed, kids haven't).

It's 8:10AM, do you know where your Wallaby is? Mine needs sleeves. Puff puff, toot toot, off I go to kitchener!

BTW, did anyone catch a glimpe of the Yarn Harlot's blog? She has posted a picture of someone who knitted full length stocking socks out of my Rose Quartz STR. That must've cost her a fortune. They're beautiful but I don't know where anyone would wear them...except maybe while trying to swim in Maine.

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