Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Two Socks at Once!

Well, I have news. I started the crosshatch lace sock. Two at a time, magic looping. It's cake! Let me tell you how to do it............... It took me three hours to cast on and get both socks going in the right direction. I have to figure this out and I'm beginning to believe that it's impossible without a spare needle. I did it and got it going only to find that I had the two ends in the middle. It takes too long to slip and redo and undo and re-cast on. Horrid. I should've gone with my gut, knit sock one for 10 rows, knit sock two for ten rows and then have them going in unison. But Nooooooooooooo, not me! I'm too much of an expert for that. So, three hours later, honestly, three hours, I had gotten them on the needle and had knit about 5 rows of ribbing. It took almost all of that time to just get it started. This is supposed to be faster!

I'm using STR Rose Quartz and I'm working on a size 1 needle, 60 sts around. These will probably be way too tight for me to try on but they're a gift. I am liking STR more and more as I'm working with it. It feels really nice. It's lovely. It's just not enough yarn. I need more, more, more! 450 yards. I want more, more, more of the STR...beryl. That'd make such a nice dragon sock...
Anyway, I did finally suceed with the use of a stitch holder and alot of trial and error. I now have two socks going at the same time on one circular needle and I should be fine until the heel. I am going to have to do one flap and one turn and then the other because I'm going to reinforce the heel this time, using wooly nylon.

Ok, I know you're on the edges of your seats, here's the pictures. The photos do not do it justice. They look pinky/gray and they're not at all that color. It's a dark, rainy day here and the lighting is bad. This is my first sock that isn't a ribbing pattern. This pattern is interesting and fun to knit. Hopefully, I will sail through without a mishap.

I knit that while watching the Sopranos. It's summer, the two things I watch, American Idol and the Sopranos are both over. I am not going to ever watch American Idol again after this season. It's too many episodes and I think that I can sing better than 85% of the contestants and that's not saying much at all. The Sopranos, well, I'll be borrowing that entire series again from the library. What will I knit to?

My prediction on how the series will end seems to be on target. About 5 episodes ago, I thought that AJ would kill himself. I predicted that Tony will be killed and Phil will be the new head cheese, this way we could have a new mafia organized crime series on HBO. So, let's see what happens.
As for the Wallaby, he's still hanging out, in recovery from his wound. I'm working on him in betwix the socks. I am considering making my son one in a maroon color, soon. Little daughter asks me about the poncho every day and he wants that Puff the Magic Merino Scarf. Now she wants the "Sheepy scarf". My daughter is very much into lambs and sheeps and it would be something that I know she would love so I'll probably make it. It's also longer than she is by far so she'd best eat her broccoli and grow a bit....
Time to do another few rows and watch the Today Show!
Stay tuned for another exciting update soon!

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