Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, June 29, 2007

Off to the Races!

Here's an update on Sockie. This was Sock 1, a few days back and it's now done. Hubby had the camera, that's why I have no recent pictures and haven't been blogging. I have 1/3 of the leg of the second sock done and I'm starting to like them more.

Today, we took the kiddies, and the Sockie #2 to Belmont Park. It was their first time at the races. We went with Father in Law and DH. DH has never been to the races but FIL and I are old pros. Well, old pros that could be taught a few lessons. It was a rather expensive day. I cashed one ticket all day and hubby spent a ton of money on soda, booze, food and ice cream.

Here's some pictures for your looking enjoyment.
Double Lace Rib Sock coming down the stretch. This is the mate to the one above, who is done and had a wonderful day betting horses.
And, below, a picture of Sockie #1, enjoying the view and hovering over the infamous finish line, which would be the white pole in the back. It was a nice day, the kids and FIL enjoyed themselves, we had a great time. HOWEVER, we didn't win any money.
At least the socks got to sun themselves a bit.
In other news, no new work on the Wallaby. It's been way to hot to put that thing in my lap. Maybe tomorrow I'll work on it for bit, we'll see.
Sorry for the short post and nothing exciting but I am getting tired.

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